Monday, December 14, 2009

Holy Shit: Update II (The Wrap-Up)

Well, we made it through the party without burning the house down. Well, I tried to burn the house down, but it didn't take. Seriously. Look:

Yup. In the last minute rush of pouring punches and putting out food, I sorta laid down the page from my recipe notebook (the one with the Evergreen Punch recipe) on top of a votive. Oopsy! What was really bad was, in my hostess haze, I didn't even notice it and, thank the Lord, two of my friends had shown up a few minutes early to help and were like, "um, your table is on fire." FAIL! But a quick rush to the nearby bathroom sink and the house and recipe were spared. SCORE! But there was a slight lingering odor of burning plastic and a few ashes in the hummus.
And it was quite a spread of food--two punch bowl drinks (Poinsettas and Evergreen Punch), bruschetta with olive tapenade, pumpkin butter dip, hot crab dip, hot artichoke dip, asiago & red pepper cheese spread, and hummus with assorted dippers. My thoughts on parties? Make half yourself, buy the other half. I made the tapanade and two hot dips, and I purchased the rest. Save your sanity, I say.Or, in my case, what's left of it.

Same thing with desserts--the hubs made the caramel glazed apple mini-muffins and we purchased the pirouettes. We were going to make brownies, but unfortch, we had two couples cancel at the last minute and three other people on the fence decided "no" so we decided to do less food. And trust me, we still had PLENTY. Because within 48 hours, our guest list was basically cut in half. So we will be having hot crab dip pasta tonight. And turkey sandwiches with asiago cheese spread tomorrow. Hell, we could have a whole 'nother "leftovers" party tonight--anyone want to come??

But the peeps who did come had a good time, I think. They stayed late, there was a lot of laughing and lots of noshing, two bottles of wine, a punch bowl of Poinsettas and a half bottle of whiskey later, I feel everyone went home satiated and fairly happy. However, my gallbladder and my head are not to happy this morning. Oy. I hope you all had a great weekend--we'll talk to you soon! Later! B.


ctflack said...

It was great and a good time. We had the muffins for breakfast! Yum!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

That looks like it was MUCH more fun than wrapping presents in my Mom's 84 degree tin can house.

Sonya said...

Those muffins did make a perfect breakfast...everything was yummy! Thanks for all of that hard work. Had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Great looking party. Isn't it funny if people could see you like an hour before? I always drop something on the floor, and everything's a huge mess. By the time people get there, it's all pulled together and looks great. Where's the tapanade recipe?!!! Been looking for one.

bunny said...

D&D, I use Ina Garten's recipe on the Food Network site--go here:

Warning! It is PLENTY salty so I cut back the anchovies and taste along the way.

And, actually, I usually AM a nervous wreck before a party, but I planned well for this one and other than the setting on fire thingy right before, all went fairly smoothly!

Cooking Asshole said...

Nice spread!

bunny said...

Thanks, C.A., though I figured you would give me crap about not cooking it all. :)