Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holy Shit: Update I

Two hours and twenty minutes and counting to Casa Bunny Holiday Cocktail Party.......
  • Party City ROCKS! Red AND Gold Punch Ladels. SCORE!
  • Publix SUCKS! How, oh how, could you let me down Publix? NO Pumpkin Butter? FAIL!
  • Toasted all the baguette slices and only burned about six. SCORE!
  • Make Pumpkin Butter Dip anyway and cheat a little with some Apple Butter. Tastes same. SCORE!
  • Dogs get into bag of kitchen trash and smear it all across the hub's freshly mopped floor. FAIL!
  • Office smells like Orange Vanilla Oceanside Woods BUT at least it doesn't smell like cat pee! SCORE!
Come back later for the wrap-up.


KP said...


Elisabeth said...

excellent food, drink & conversation - SCORE! Thanks, Bunny!

bunny said...

Thanks, E., thought the hubs and I commented we might be getting to old for this sorta thing...hehe.