Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After

Well, it's the day after, peeps, and I cannot even believe it. Plus, I feel a little...well...bleh. That's just the day after blues though, I know. As my moms said this morning, I understand why so many people choose to kill themselves around the holidays. And, on that happy note, let's have a quick review of the past several days.

Wednesday, otherwise known as Christmas Eve Eve, I went to a friend's house for dinner. As I was leaving, I snapped a quick photo of a very beautiful sunset.

A nice start to the evening. And the food was lovely too. Take a look:

These are Betty Crocker's Brie & Cherry Pastry Cups and they were delish! The sour of the cherries was mellowed by the brie and the pastry....well, what can you say bad about puff pastry?

And this yummy sesame chicken with two kinds of sesame seeds and breaded in panko crumbs. Yum. Mee. Unfortch, Bunny was not the best company that night and owes her friend an apology for being a little out of it mentally. Esp. after my friend made such a fabulous meal.

Christmas Eve, Mr. Martha and I went out for special breakfast at Panera (Have you had their breakfast sandwiches? Slap your mama good.), ran a few last minute errands, and  then it was back home to prepare for my fams to come. It was the first time in 13 years (since we married) that we have hosted my family Christmas. We just didn't have the room until we remodeled last year. Everyone was really worried the kids would break something (I should say, everyone but Bunny--I was more worried about the drunk-ass adults!) but everyone left and all trees were still standing. And look how freaking cute these kids are:

They are getting so old, so fast and soon enough, they will be snotty little smart asses who I will want to smack across the room. But for now, they still let Aunt Bunny kiss and hug on them. So I take full advantage of it. After everyone left, we collapsed into bed, and then gots up Christmas morning to start all over again because we also agreed to host Mr. Martha's fams this year. Yeah. I didn't think that one through very well. But I kept the food simple--homemade soup--and Mr. Martha, being the baker, made the sweets. See what he turned out for his fams:

Too pretty to dip a spoon into, I tell you. This delight is Red Velvet Trifle. Mr. Martha found the recipe in a Duncan Hines ad, but I cannot find it on the DH site, so if you'd like it, shoot me an email and I will send it to you. It is easy and pretty, esp. it you get all fancy like Mr. Martha and add the rosemary and powdered sugar "snow" on top.

After our second wave of fams left, we were just tuckered (and I had a crippling case of heartburn which is still with me), so we cleaned up, put on our jams (My new Christmas jams with snowmen! Yes, I know I am older than dirt, but new Christmas jams still excite me. What was even MORE exciting is I gots them for $10 with a coupon at JCPenney!) and crawled to the couch to watch Christmas movies. And though we had agreed NOT to buy gifts for each other this year (due to our financial situation), the hubs surprised me with this:

Would you think me cheesy if I said I cried? It wasn't the was just that I wasn't expecting anything and I was sort of down about it. Not that I wasn't getting anything. Just the reasons why, if that makes sense. Anyway, now I have the holy trio:
The hubs had bought me the large and small angel last year for Christmas, but was not able to get the middle one. So, now I have them all. Let's hope they bring luck now that the circle is complete. However, as much as I feel sorry for myself these days, I keep being reminded that, in many, many ways, I am very blessed. To end our day, we gave the girls their treats from Santa:

This was about the perkiest they had been all evening. I think everyone is tuckered from two days of non-stop holiday-ing. Poor hubs had to go to work today, but I am still in my jams and plan on doing a whole lot of nothing today. I thought about shopping the after-Christmas sales, but I would just buy a whole bunch of stuff I don't really need with money I don't have. Besides, I feel a headache coming on, and will probably be napping on the couch later today with the girls.That's my gift to me--a low key, restful day. Tomorrow, I think we are going to go see Sherlock Holmes which I am TRES TRES excited about! I will report back how it was. Hope Santa was good to you and yours! B.

PS, One more day (well, two-ish) to enter the What's your "Best" Find of 2009? contest by 9 p.m. E.T. Sunday, December 27 (ONE entry per person, please). I will be back on Monday morning to announce the winner, a random selection from among entries, and that person will win a $15 Amazon gift card.


KP said...

I love the food photos - yum! It looks like y'all had a lot of fun.

The present from your husband was super sweet. Have a good weekend...

Jen on the Edge said...

It sounds like a fabulous Christmas.

I actually love the day after Christmas because it's a low-key day. We all sleep in and then I spend the day alternating between puttering around and relaxing on the sofa with my new books.

bunny said...

Thanks, KP. One of my New Year's resolutions will be to get myself to Dallas, by hook or crook. But not in July!

I puttered yesterday, as well, JOTE. Didn't shower until noon, read, napped, then stayed in my sweats until time again for bed. It was nice.

upset waitress said...

OK cool about the Sherlock Holmes. I wanna go see it because I am in love with RDJ so bad that I want to have his STD's but I have a thing against movie theaters. RDJ being in the movie just might make me venture into one but I'll wait for your review before I risk staying sober for two hours in a place that is coated in butter, boogers, ass goo, lice,... I'm obsessing and need a shower now. =)

bunny said...

UW, GO SEE IT. My suggestion? Go to the local CVS and buy a rip-off Slanket on clearance for 75% off, take it with you, drape it over the movie seat and leave it there. Like a Slanket condom. And who said anything about staying sober??? :)