Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bunny & Mr. Martha Thank You

Dudes! THANKS for all the kinds comments about our Christmas decor. I suppose I should have thought to post a link to this post from November 1 which gives some of the backstory on our holiday decorating.

As I noted, probably the most important factor in our decorating is that we do NOT have kids. Well, three furry four-legged ones. And, for what it's worth, none of them have ever given the decorations a second glance, much less bothered them. Which is good. Otherwise, we might be having Chinese, if you catch my drift....hehe.

Anyhoodle, our first married Christmas, we lived in a TINY duplex apartment and we almost had a throw down when it came to Christmas decorating. I really thought I was going to have to cut Mr. Martha. Seriously, we didn't speak for days. See, Mr. Martha likes it all traditional/fancy and I prefer it all relaxed/folky. But, somehow, over the years, I've worn him down we've been able to meld our styles. Ok, that's a damn lie. He does his thing, I do mine. Mine is the bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen (yeah, the rooms no one sees) and his is the outside and living areas.

We do try to change it up a little every year--this year, my contributions were the light-filled canisters in the kitchen and the blue bedroom tree whereas Mr. Martha had the sled with wreath. Actually, everything this year was new since we remodeled and have 300 more square feet. And though Mr. Martha denies it to this day, the "grove" was MY IDEA originally (this is a BITTER argument up in Casa Bunny). And placement for the grove this year was def my idea. See, Mr. Martha is a good tree trimmer but he lacks "spatial" skills.

Which brings me, Cooking Asshole, to where we store all the crap. It's hard, let me tell you, as our house is modest. There are bits and pieces everywhere, but the main hub is the "Christmas Closet." Yes, in our house, spare of storage, we have dedicated ONE WHOLE CLOSET to Christmas (sadly, Casa Bunny does NOT have a basement). And, believe me, I can pack a whole lotta Christmas shizz up in the space. A. WHOLE. LOT. And, actually, we didn't probably put out about 25% of our stash this year. Seriously. We NEED to GIVE AWAY some things, but Mr. Martha won't hear of it. Next stop for him, HOARDERS.

To answer another question, Mr. Martha has decorated a few houses for pay over the years and we have talked at length about making it an "official" business for him (trust me, I would help but I couldn't stand being bossed around by the richy-rich assholes who could afford to pay someone to decorate their house) but Mr. Martha lacks self-confidence and thinks his work is for shit. So, thanks for all your nice words. Maybe now he will believe Bunny when I tell him he rocks.

As far as our accumulation of ornaments, the short story is Mr. Martha has worked high-end retail for 20 years and I worked in the collectible industry for many years, so we quickly amassed a treasure trove of baubles for a pittance. Hell, that's not entirely true. We've spent our retirement plenty of money, but we've also gotten some great deals. And the last two years, we've bought hardly anything. Mostly because we've run out of house and storage.

To answer another poster's comment, it IS a labor of love because we DO both love Christmas. But, believe it or not, if I tallied up the time, it probably only takes us about 3-3.5 days to put everything up. This year, it was a solid weekend and a couple of weeknights.

And, this year, for the FIRST TIME in 13 married years, we are having BOTH of our family Christmas gatherings at our house since, following the remodel, we actually have ROOM to do so. Mr. Martha is terrified the nephews & niece will get rowdy and break something. I say, bring it. We'll be eating Chinese.
:), Bunny

PS, I hope those of you who visited BGR for the first time yesterday will continue to come back and visit...I can, on occasion, be fairly amusing and somewhat of a hoot, if I do say so myself!


Jen on the Edge said...

I *loved* the wreath and sled idea and would love to replicate it here. And I'm telling you, I'm going to have a grove of trees at some point.

blackbird said...

What an amazing job you both did! And, aside from the spectacular decorations, I love your HOUSE!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

You are ALWAYS amusing and somewhat of a hoot.
You crack my Christmas Ass Up.