Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Thirteen

Dudes, I know the "Thirteen" posts are usually reserved for Thursdays but since we will all be in a food-induced coma come Thursday, I thought I would hit my thirteen two days early.
  1. I have decided frugality is fun. Last night, the hubs and I went to Monday at Moe's and only shelled out $13 for a lovely dinner. I was so, so tired, I couldn't lift a pan so it was a good deal in more ways than one.
  2. This week I have received two "gifts" from "virtual" friends--peeps I have met right here on these Internets through the blogosphere. They weren't big things, but they meant something to me. More than I can say actually. The Internets are a lovely thing, and I have met some lovely people. Yo.
  3. On a related note, I am constantly overwhelmed by little acts of human kindness, and often when I am in one of my darkest hours. I really cannot express how much a small act of kindness can mean--for the recipient and the giver. Remember that. Every day.
  4. One of the best compliments anyone ever gave me was when they told me I was kind. One of the most kind people they knew. People have called me "nice" or "sweet" but really, I am not nice. Or sweet. But I do try to be kind. I don't always succeed, but I do try.
  5. I love meeitng people. All kinds of people. Everyone has some interesting dynamic. Everyone has a story. It's just waiting to be discovered. Uncovered. And I love discovering what that story is. That's what I love about being a writer/journalist.
  6. Tomorrow, I am seeing an old friend I have not seen in years. Like six or seven. And even then it was in passing. We reconnected earlier this year on Facebook. At one time in my life, they were one of my very best friends. I miss them. But time, distance and life sometimes get in the way of friendships. I try not to dwell on the regret of lost friends (though I often, often do), but instead try to remember what we meant to each other during that time when we were together. There is that old saying about being in someone's life for a reason or a season, and I focus on that and hope that somehow my being in their life made it better, even if for a short time.
  7. On the job front, I have had some exciting developments the past few days, but that is all I will say, because I am terribly superstitious and don't want to have to deal with telling everyone "no, it didn't work out." But I feel I am close to where I am supposed to be. Very close.
  8. I have tried to start two books in the last week, and have been unable to get past the first chapter of each. However, I am determined to read THREE MORE BOOKS this year so I can reach my all time best of 40 books read in one year.
  9. I discovered a "new to me" bottle store very near my home tonight. Which is very bad for me. Because they have some awesome wine selections, a very good beer selection (remarkably good, really) and it's clean, isn't sticky and doesn't reek of cig smoke. My new favorite place.
  10. Have a I ever told you how much I love Taco Bell tacos? They rock. Esp. with hot sauce.
  11. My nephews are in town. And we have a date for pizza and Elf.  "Smiling's my favorite."
  12. With Elf, we will kick off our holiday movie watching spectacular. For the past several years, from T-giving to Chmas, we rock the holiday flicks up in Casa Bunny. Thank you, Netflix. You rock.
  13. Sorry to be all reflective and weird and all over the place with this post, but hey, the holidays do that to me. And it IS called "bunnygoround" for a reason. Later taters! B.


Elisabeth said...

Congrats on the job front - keep us posted. What were the books? I think you should try The Unit...not quite typical for you, but I think you'd like it. And, I've always thought you were kind.

PS - My verification word below is rappit which is almost rabbit which is very close to bunny. ;-)

KP said...

I like #6.

But Taco Bell? TACO BELL? Why, bunny, whhhhhhyyyyyyy?

robertga99 said...

Have you tried the Volcano tacos at Taco Bell? They are awesome

bunny said...

Thanks, E. Actually, you were the one who made that kind comment I am talking about. :)

KP, I believe you were directly involved in my love of Taco Bell. Do late night runs from Emory to the T.B. at Toco Hills ring any bells??

Bobs, Have not tried the Volcano tacos but will load up on Zantac and give them a whirl.