Sunday, November 22, 2009

Someone Get Me A Job So I Can Stop Working

OY, dudes! I have been working. all. weekend. I have two big projects with immediate, looming deadlines which required me to basically have my arse super-welded to my desk chair for the past 48 hours. I didn't even want to blog because I am SO. SICK. of this room. Seriously. But I am not really complaining....I am tres, tres grateful for the work, but, man, it was NOT a fun weekend, fo' shizzle.

You know, several peeps have been all "you should just really jump start your consulting business, work for yourself" and I have been all like "um, HELL NO." Actually, because of my lack of a job for going on eight months now, I AM in the process of branding my business, building a website, etc. in an effort to start super soliciting freelance gigs at the start of 2010 provided I do not still have FT employment. HOWEVER, I would really rather have a job WITH benefits. Working for yourself sorta sucks, really, because you are working for like 40+ hours a week on projects and then, on top of that, you are doing all the administrative stuff for another 20+ hours a week such as billing, drafting proposals, meetings, soliciting new work, etc. etc. You work ALL. THE. EFFIN. TIME. Trust me. It's not all pajamas 'til noon and bon-bons while petting the dogs.

Anyhoodle, in between the work, I managed to squeeze in a quick run to the Target and the Walmarts the past few days where I proceeded to pick up the following:

Cute snowman melamine plates from Target for $1.99! Just got two for me and the hubs for those soup and sandwich nights. Hey, it's all "green" 'cause it ain't paper or styrofoam AND we can use them AFTER the holidays because they are more wintery than Christmasy. See how smart the Bunny is!?!?

And behold this CUTE mug from Walmart for ONE STINKING DOLLAR! I lurves it. It is all retro, mod-ish, cool and, again, not necessarily holiday. SHHHWEET! Again, I just bought for me and the hubs. The hubs TOTALLY gave me shizz for buying them, but I don't care. It's the little things, peeps, and if a $1 mug brightens my day, then bring it the Hell on, I say.

Today, it was all cold and rainy and yuck here in Casa Bunnyland, so I made a huge pot of vegetable soup and a cast iron skillet of homemade corn bread. Damn, it was good eatin'.

This meal has to be one of my all-time winter faves. I have such fond, fond memories of my Grandmother's vegetable soup. One day I am going to write a post about her, but her vegetable soup was one of my favorite dishes. I gobbled this soup down so quick, I now have third-degree burns on my upper palate. Seriously, knowing I was cooking this soup today was the only thing that motivated me to get out of bed this morning.

This afternoon, the hubs worked on taking Southern Living's his famous apple cake recipe and turning the batter into mini-apple muffins. Damn, he freaking succeeded, much to the dismay of my expanding hips:

This batch was early on, but he was testing for cook time and appearance/size. Later batches, which have mysteriously disappeared, were much more uniform and lovely. So lovely, I had to pop three two one in my mouth every time I went to stir the soup. We are testing these for a holiday party we will be throwing in the near distant future, FYI, for all you invitees out there in cyberland.

Finally, right before I got ready to post, I went across the house to bid the hubs goodnight and what should I find but an early Christmas present beneath my bedroom tree:

I wonder if Santa allows returns? I keed, I keed. This? Was the CUTEST thing ever. Now, however, it is my time to retire since the words are starting to all meld into one another. Maybe because I have been staring at a computer screen all day. Or maybe because of the TALL glass of Smirnoff Tuscon Lemonade I have been sipping on while typing. What?!?!? The fridge needs to be cleaned out and who I am not to step up?!? Oh, the sacrifices I make. I tell you. Have a good night, a great week, and love to you all! B.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Hey! Some of us go to work at 3PM and stay in our pajamas until noon!

Yesterday, I took Krusteaz sugar cookie mix and added Andes peppermint chips. I took them to work. Half of my co-workers were orgasmic over them. The dieters were damning me to hell.

Love the snowman plates.

bunny said...

LMSS! Gots my interstate package today--thanks! I am sure those cookies were delicious but I do not enjoy mint as part of a sweet. Or peanut butter. Yes, I know I am weird.

Beer Drinker said...

Bunny. That was a beautiful picture of you dressed up as a snowman for the plate picture. And I commend you for dropping gangsta language with a southern flair! I'm headed to Bogota tomorrow, where the beer sucks more than Sweetwater Blue!

bunny said...

B.D.! Yo, bro! hehe Sadly, I look more like that snowman (the shape anyways) than I'd like. And, dude, when you say "Bogota" do you mean Columbia? Wow. That's a long way to go for turkey!