Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Thanks Giving: What I Am Thankful for Today

  • My job loss. Yes, it has totally stressed me out, but it has brought people and opportunities into my life I would have never had otherwise. And it removed some people and situations from my life that really needed to go. And I am confident it was the universe's way of pushing me into the next phase of my life. Like Julia Child, my best years are yet to come.
  • My family. Even though they often irritate the SHIT out of me (like all families do) I do love them. I esp. love the little ones who crack me up and make me glad to be Aunt Bunny. 
  • My "local" friends. I don't have many close friends for many reasons, all too revealing to go into here and requiring many, many years of therapy. But I love them all for what they bring to the table of our friendship and the joy they bring to my life.
  • My "virtual" friends. Those wonderful individuals who I have "met" through this blog, Facebook and other virtual worlds who have provided their own measure of joy, be it a laugh from a funny comment or a kind word. I hope that one day I will meet you all, but know you have a special place in my heart.
  • Facebook. While an annoying time sucker, Facebook has reacquainted me with many special people from my past. This time last year, I reconnected with Bobs, whose friendship has sustained me many times through the past year. Earlier this year, I was able to reconnect with two of my all-time favorite people, one of who I have seen several times this year and another who lives in TX but has been my realistic rock while supplying plenty of laughs. Today I had lunch with one of my very best friends from high school/college years that I found through FB. Distance separated us, as it often does and, even now, he lives on the other side of the continent, but I so loved seeing him again. Funny how you don't realize how much you have missed someone until you are in their presence.
  • My hubs. He's a good man.
  • My girls. Dogs rock. Even though they can be barky little bitches sometimes.
  • Good beer, good wine, and a good cocktail.
  • The ability to create awesome food.
  • Having nothing to worry about tomorrow but stuffing my piehole.  
  • Love, peace and pie. B.


Sonya said...

Thanks for being my friend, too :) Hope you guys have a Happy Turkey Day!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Some day we'll compare notes about "not many close friends for many reasons".
The ones I have, I love in a huge way.

One of the things I am thankful for is "meeting" you, my internet twin!

Happy Thanksgiving

KP said...

Have a great Thanksgiving. Thanks for being my friend!

p.s. It will all work out.

Elisabeth said...

A little late on the uptake, but hope you had a great T-day! And, (this is actually for your last post) - I'm glad it was me and for once I can be guilty of saying the GOOD things that I think & not just the bad. ;-) Luvs you, Bun!

PS - The hubs is processing your pictures... I haven't forgotten...well, I actually did for a couple of days & then earlier in the week he said he'd do it. I'll try to get them to you later today.