Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Me & My Piehole Need An Intervention, Stat

Dudes. Oy. The last few days have been a fest of gluttony here at Casa Bunny. The sad news? It's not even officially the holiday season yet. If this keeps up, the only thing I will need from Santa is a forklift to haul my ass around.

First, there was the Friday roast dinner, followed by Saturday, otherwise known as "Day of Booze & Nosh." First, the lunch at Brick Store. Then, the wine festival. Then, the DFM, where I conveinantly forgot to mention that B. bought these:

Just in case you cannot see, these sinful treats are called Chocolate Overdoes Cookies. I think I audibly moaned with the first bite I took. B. is Satan, did I mention that? Satan tempting me into the culinary wilderness, where the road is strewn with vino, beer and chocolate cookies. My only regret? I wish I had some now.

Then, Saturday night, I came home and, not EVEN hungry, managed to polish off some leftover lemon pepper wings, a soft taco or two, another beer and some of this::

Hot damn, y'all. This ice cream? Is da' bomb. We are on like our fourth carton. It rivals--and may be better than--Bruster's pumpkin ice creams. It's def CHEAPER. And my abusive hubs has been FORCING me eat a bowl every single night. It ain't right I tell you, but I just can't quit him. Or this ice cream. Run, don't walk, to your nearest Publix and buy some today. Then, Sunday, I made my French toast and fried up a whole pound of bacon. Yes. A pound. I say go big or go home.

First, we had bacon with the French toast, then I used the rest of the bacon to make my fourth batch of Pumpkin Butter Dip for the hub's fam, who came for lunch to celebrate my mom-in-law's bday. So I made the dip, a big pot of chili, slaw, cornbread and we had a Paula Deen pie from Wal-mart. And I ate like I was starving. Really. Not like I just had half a pig and a quarter loaf of bread dipped in egg and fried in butter three hours before.

Sunday night, we took it easy with grilled cheese and tomato soup. Whew. Because my stomach was starting to talk and it was saying "Are you kidding me???"  Yesterday, everything was good until I hit dinner time:

In which I made some tasty beef and tater hash from my leftover Friday roast, spiked with red wine and blue cheese. Followed later by more pumpkin ice cream. And a large glass of red wine. Oy. I mean. And, right now, I sit here stuffed to the point of miserable after eating leftover tacos from Saturday night. (PS, look at my BELOVED holiday china by Spode, received when I married, making its debut today at BGR! Isn't it fabulous??)

Peeps? This is pace I cannot, and do not, need to keep up, fo' shizzle. I have fallen off of the exercise/eat right wagon, rolled down the hill, fallen in the well, and am half drowned in a puddle of beer, bacon grease and butter. What I need is a juice fast. Or a REALLY good 24-hour virus. Clean out the system and start fresh.

In other news, while I was off galivanting on Saturday, the hubs finished his transformation of our front bank (you know, the one we toiled over several months ago, cutting out wisteria and climbing rose. Which was A. SERIOUS. BITCH.). Behold my green-thumbed love's handiwork:

Rocked, mulched and planted including some wonderful evergreens, lovely grasses and one of my faves from our Garden Porn expedition--the Limelight Hydrangea. Beautiful work, babe! You rock!

Well, I am off. Trying to stay on task today and knock out some work I need to get done. Love you all! Be good! Bun


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I've decided that I gain weight every time I peek at your post.
I have to weigh in at the doctor's in Thurs.
If I haven't lost at least 6 pounds I'll say "It's BUNNY'S fault" and they'll look at me like I'm a fruitcake.

Elisabeth said...

ok...I'm going to have to look for that ice cream - that looks like heaven.