Monday, November 30, 2009

Little Boys & Gimpy Girls

Oy, peeps. It has been a WEEK-END. First, we had the nephews over to spend the night Friday night and watched Elf ("Smiling's my favorite!") and played Monopoly--a short but nice stay. In between, the boys managed to torture love on the furry children of Casa Bunny:

Here is A., attempting to hold K.K. who really just wanted none of it. If there was a cartoon bubble over her head, it would read, "Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. kid.? I am making a break for it. How far is that floor?" A. LOVES K.K. and just wants to pet her....all the time. Unfortch, like most cats, K.K. can be finicky about her loving...she wants it when she wants it. Luckily, no one was injured during the 18 hours the boys were at my house. Kid or cat.

Here is M., attempting to love on Pepsi. Again, if there was a bubble above her head, it also would read "Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Can't this kid leave me ALONE?" See my knee in the lower left of the photo? Yeah. I had to be there so Pep wouldn't bolt. M. LOVES the girls, and wants to follow them around the house...all the time. Which is fine except the girls are not used to children--and their constant "there-ness"--so I am always worried someone will get grumpy and bite someone. Kid or dog.

After the boys left, the hubs and I spent the earlier part of Saturday cleaning off our deck, putting up the furniture and pots and such for winter. And I cleaned out the last of my garden--the pepper plants--but not before making this haul:

ACK! Can you believe this?? In November?? And there were still blooms! It is, however, supposed to reach close to freezing this week, so time was short. I am going to dice these up and freeze them in small bags for casseroles, soups, etc. throughout the winter.

Then, late Saturday the drama started when we had a little scare with Savannah. She acted like she wasn't feeling great, but I thought she was just tuckered from being off routine (read: not sleeping all day) for several days. However, she started acting really weird around dinner, so thinking it was her diabetes, we packed her off for an emergency 9:30 p.m. vet visit Saturday night.

TANGENT: Can I tell you how much we LOVE our vet office? It's all women and they take their own emergency call and will meet you at the office any time of the day or night. Luckily, in 10 years, this service has been only needed twice, one being Saturday.

Anyhoodle, the doc checked her out and pronounced her good, but probably just worn out, and sent us home. Saturday night, I made the hubs switch sides of the bed with me so I could keep an eye on Savannah (of course, she sleeps on the floor beside Daddy's side) and woke up every two hours to make sure she was breathing. Then, Sunday morning, Savannah could hardly walk. She was PIT-EE-FULL. So, off we traisp BACK to the vet. Seems it wasn't her sugar at all but a back issue. One massive steroid injection later, and she was almost back to form. BUT then we get home, and Pepsi is all gimpy. Can't lift her head. Doggy crick in the neck. So, we supply aspirin, heating pad (see photo) and doggy massage and she seems better today.

Because neither could move very far, we sequestered them in an area where no jumping was allowed. Lord, if this is even remotely what it is like having human children, I am SO GLAD I did not procreate. I am tired. I need some steroids now. Oy.

Not much else going on, except after two days of gorging, and two days of leftovers, I did manage to scrape together a good meal last night. One of my favorites--Pumpkin Pasta:

I have mentioned this recipe in the past here at BGR, but am doing a "re-do" for the new folks. Rachel Ray sorta annoys me a little, but she does have some jammin' recipes, and this is one of them. Sausage, sage, pumpkin, heavy cream--what's not to love? Yum.

And I made an awesome side salad of spinach, arugula, golden delicious apples, bacon and blue cheese. MMM. Great meal.

Today is cold and rainy and perfect nap weather. Alas, I have a meeting this afternoon about some work and plenty of work to do. Today is my mom's b-day (HAPPY B-DAY MOMS!) and tomorrow is the hubs b-day (HAPPY B-DAY HUBS!) and there is lots more scheduled this week, as well. Shaping up to be a busy one. Hope your post-holiday transition is smooth! B.


Elisabeth said...

Your still getting peppers & I've got flowers on the patio that have never looked better. ;-)

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Happy Birthday to The Hubs aka Craig Ferguson!