Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hump Day Holla: Random Thoughts

  • Lordy, I am tuckered. This whole time change shizz has messed up my sleep hygeine. Six hours sleep is not enough for a grown woman. That is a good nap for me.
  • I think I am going to cook TWO dinners tonight. It has been a BAD cooking week because I have something to do EVERY night but tonight. The poor hubs is dining on PB&J and I have been eating Taco Bell. Sadly, I am so tired the thought of cooking makes me want to weep.
  • Send good thoughts for my oldest dogter (Savannah) who had a low blood sugar attack yesterday afternoon (she is diabetic). She is at the vet's today being poked and prodded. I hope no one gets bit.
  • I FINALLY finished a book! Everything Changes by Johnathan Tropper. You may remember me raving about his book, The Book of Joe. This one was good, but no Book of Joe. If I can find three minutes in my schedule, I may write a review for my friend's book blog.
  • Monday, I took the afternoon and went to the movies and dinner with a friend. We went to see The Hangover (yes, I know I am late to that game) and it was TOO. TOO. FUNNY. We also saw The Invention of Lying which was quite smart and full of more subtle humor. With the aid of a generous coupon, we ate dinner at Buca di Beppo, one of my favorite Italian places. Mangia, mangia!
  • At Buca di Beppo, they have a table in kitchen and I have always wanted to eat there and watch them cook. Next time, baby, next time.
  • Last night I had another website management/design class. I now have a site location and web address. Kinda exciting. Now I just have to put the thing all together. Oy. Marketing yourself is hard work. Why don't people just automatically know I am fabulous? I suppose if I don't use it for myself, I can always start a website of garden porn. hehe
  • I just realized I have not seen my cat in two days. I hope she is alive. Wait, I remember the girls barking at her this morning. Ok, she's alive.
  • I also am TERRIBLY behind on putting together our photobook from vacation. Holy Hell. I got an hour back and there is still not enough time in the day!
Ok, well, I am off. Sorry so boring but that's just how it's rolling around here this week. Be good and I'll be back later. Loves, B.


Elisabeth said...

Bring on that review! I have a goal of making November my most active month yet!

Sonya said...

Leslie Chow jumping out of that trunk still makes me laugh!