Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hump Day Holla: Catching Up

Yo, peeps! It remains pretty quiet and on the down-lo here at Casa Bunny, but I thought I would do a quick recap of the past several days. Because I KNOW you are just waiting to hear the minutia of my daily life.

On Saturday...hell, I can't remember back what I did on Saturday, except I do remember I made a really good dinner of steak, smashed potatoes and salad:

Mmmm! It was yummers. I rubbed the steak with a little olive oil and seasoned it heavily with pepper and cooked it in my lovely Calphalon grill pan. It came out just right, like I likes it, with a nice, warm pink center. The taters were just Yukon golds, cooked with skins and coarsely mashed with a little butter and cream. Yum. What's not to love here?

Saturday night, we watched The Ugly Truth, which was much better, as in funnier, than I thought it would be. I am not a huge Katherine Heigl fan, but it was def worth the rental. While watching the movie, I sipped on one of these:

Whoa, baby! This one will for sure have you plucking the chest hairs! Oh my. I didn't get a whole lot of chocolate out of it, unless you say it was DARK chocolate. And it was dark. The hubs said it looked like blood. Thanks for the visual, sweetie! But it had low carbonation and a nice clinging head. Very good but DARK.

Sunday, I babysat my nephews while my sis and her hubs went to brunch. We all went to see Astro Boy. Which was very good. I was mortified though when my 8YO nephew asked, in his OUTSIDE voice, at the end of the movie, "Aunt Bunny, are you CRYING?" No, you little shit...I have popcorn in my eye. Shut up. It was very touching. And I'm hormonal this week, 'kay??

Sunday night, I made my famous chicken piccata, (actually Martha's famous chicken piccata) which is so good, it will make you weep. The hubs doesn't really like it, so I don't make it all that often, but I say "anything made with wine is a good meal!"

Monday was a quiet day which I started by going to Wal-Mart, the best place on Earth. Wait, that is Walt Disney World. Whatever. It's all about perspective. Anyhoodle, after insulin and syringes for Savannah, dry and moist food for K.K. and asundry other H&B items we needed, I left with two bags and short $100+ . What is it about Target and Wal-Mart that you can buy so little and it be so much? I mean, aren't they DISCOUNT stores?

Speaking of the furry children, they have been up to all kinds of shenanigans this week. Here, K.K. gets her huntress on (sorry for the gory.....warning: avert eyes if easily grossed out):

Yes, the poor little half-dead chipmunk never had a chance. I think it is all my fault because I had been loving on her a lot and she felt the need to bring a gift. The worst part? It was squeeling its little head off. There was nothing I could do though....ever TRY to get kill away from a cat? Ain't gonna happen. Circle of life, peeps, circle of life. And, Savannah, that princess?

She has a bed (left) and her daddy's pillow (right) to sleep on and she still chooses to sleep on the rug/floor. Crazy little dog. PS, please don't judge my hubs holey, sad slippers. I am trying to get him to get new pair, but he just loves those and cannot quit them.

Monday night, I went into the ATL and met a friend for a work assignment, a review a French-influenced American bistro. The friend went along to take photos since that is what she does in her spare time. The owner of the place was tres charming...he's 70+ and has a ponytail. Quite the character if you get the picture. He treated us to a small wine tasting, as well, and it was an enjoyable time. On the way in, I snapped this photo as the sun was going down over Spaghetti Junction:

And that? Is the perfect way to end this post. Back later, taters! Be good! B.

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