Friday, November 20, 2009

Holiday Magic

For the past several years, my mom and I have picked a day in November, before Thanksgiving, to go Christmas shopping for the kids in our family. That would be my sista's two sons and my bro's son and daughter. I guess you could say it has become a tradition now. We leave early, sometimes stop for an indulgent breakfast (Krispy Kreme!) or sometimes, like today, a naughty lunch (Texas Cheese Fries at Chili's!).

Earlier in the a.m., we headed out with coupons and lists in hand. First, Target for Wii stuff, Nintendo stuff and some clothes for the kids. And a few goodies for me:

This little lip kit is from e.l.f. cosmetics and it was only $5!! You know I am Over. The. Moon. because of my sad, sad addiction to lip products. It has 12 lip colors, 2 lip glosses, a liner and a lip brush. And the colors are actually MUCH deeper than the photo. My soul is soothed. What a wonderful T.G.I.F. treat. But then I saw this:

The matching eye kit, also for $5!! I had to grab onto the buggy because the vapors were coming on. 12 powder shadows, 2 cream shadows, 1 eye liner and 1 shadow brush. Lovely, neutral shades. I mean, it ain't Bobbi Brown, but B.B. is a tad outside my budget right now. Run, don't walk, to your nearest Tar-jzay and snap these up pronto-tonto! I also picked up this CD:

I am a FOOL for Jim Brickman. A friend introduced me to him years ago. His Christmas albums--both of them--are ridiculously wonderful. If you are not familar with Jim B., he is a pianist extraordinaire. Lovely, lovely music. I am listening to this CD right now. Makes me want to sip some wine in front of a crackling fire while snuggling with the hubs. Cracktastic.

So, then the moms and I headed over to the mall and to J.C. Penney where, armed with coupon, I scored an $8 pair of jeans! And a $12 pair of dressy pants! And a $13 sweater! Can I tell you how much I now ENJOY bargin shopping? Yes. I am not a frugal mommy blogger (mostly, because I am not a mommy, lack a second fridge and have a hard time with math), but those women have shown me the light and the way. And, hold onto your panties...can I SHOW you the cute shoes I bought at Target:

For $3!! Yes. $3!! Love these for next summer with cute jeans and a t-shirt for going out to dinner. And did I tell you they were only $3?? Yes, I am all about the deal-eo these days. I am a mad coupon clipping, crazy end-cap shopping, 75% off tag scouring fool. Anyhoodle, I am home and worn out. Still need to wrap up a few gifties, but overall, it was a nice day with the moms and a good deal day. As far as the culinary tales of late, last night, I made pasta with sausage and sauce. I used this jar sauce:

Y'all, this sauce is 'da bomb. I have mentioned it here before (I last bought the Cherry Tomato), and I was not disappointed again. (Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, but it does not reflect the quality of the sauce. Word.) This sauce is expensive-y (around $7 a jar regular price), but the Publix has it on sale occasionally for BOGO. Like they did last week. It's all real stuff...fresh...and yummy-yummy. The hubs said it was restaurant quality. And it is. He said it was even worth the full, regular price! Next time it's on sale, B. is stocking up.

Well, I am off like a herd of turtles. Quiet weekend planned....the calm before the storm. See you later, taters! Bun


Sonya said...

Gotta love a bargain! And, love the shoes!

bunny said...

Yes, and they are SPARKLY!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I am also addicted to lip products. but only CO Bigelow cuz I get the B&BW satisfied emloyee discount...we have Eggnog Vanilla, Spiced Cider and Triple Hot Chocolate flavors. You should see me at work. lick my lips a lot.

Also love the Jim Brickman. Saw his Christmas show a few years ago.

bunny said...

Seriously, LMSS, I think we may have been separated at birth. Never mind the age difference. :) How's that discount?? Would it be 5-finger? (I keed, I keed!) I have a B&BW coupon I need to get in and use. Maybe I will buy some tasty balm.