Sunday, November 01, 2009


Yo, peeps! When the Hell did it get to be NOVEMBER? Oy. Anyhoodle, the hubs and I have been super busy around Casa Bunny, but more about that in a minute.

Last night, we had plans to go to a friend's house for, drink, hand out candy. Unforch, the rain put a big damper (pun TOTALLY intended) on the trick-or-treating, but we still gots our eats and drink on. Sadly, I totally forgot to take photos, but the food (the crackalicious pumpkin dip! sausage balls! roasted pecans! cheese puffs!) was yummers and the drinks (cranberry margaritas!) were quite tasty. The BEST part of the evening was when we gots home and gots to set our clocks back an hour. God bless Daylight Savings Time!

Now, for Bunny Confessions: Yesterday, we started decorating Casa Bunny for the holidays. Yes. You read that right. That's just how we roll here. Here's the backstory: The hubs and I both love Christmas, though he is slightly more off his rocker about it than the Bun. We actually wanted to marry at Christmas, however, when one of you works in retail management, a Christmas wedding is NOT going to happen. Unless you want to marry in a mall. Which I did not.

For the same reason (the hub's career in retail) we have pretty much always started decorating for Christmas around Halloween/the first of November. You see, the closer it gets to the holidays, the more hectic the hub's schedule becomes. Plus, we have a SHITLOAD of decorations and it takes awhile to get it all up. I ain't lyin' y'all. We have a RIDICULOUS amount of decor. Literally a whole closet of Christmas. And part of another closet. And under a bed. And under the house. And, like, HUNDREDS of ornaments (see above). Hallmark. Radko. Waterford. Lenox. We both came to the marriage with ornaments and have spent stupid amounts of money on Christmas decor. Stupid.

When we go on vacation, we buy an ornament. The lighthouse is from St. Simons, Ga.; the palm tree from Florida. We brought back an ornament from Monticello from our Virginia vacay. And because we have so many ornaments, we need a lot of trees.

This grouping is the "grove" off our new living room. We also have a tree in our bedroom. And another tree off the kitchen. And one in our guest bedroom. I know. We are sad. But last year, we did ZERO decorating because we were finishing up our remodel and our house was a disaster. Plus, we were a little burned out from years of decorating. So it was sorta nice to have a year off. But we had some help this year.

Ok, I am delirious from inhaling glitter, but this bear is part of MY tree. The bedroom tree is MY tree....totally Bunny decorated. It's more folky and whimsical, a la Bunny. Another post another day about that...and my bears. For now, we are about 80 percent finished (trees mostly up, still some minor touches here and there...the Christmas china, the dining table, etc.) and I need a shower. I have been in my pj's all day and am covered in sparkles and such. So, later taters! B.


Sonya said...

Ahhhh....Christmas! Can't wait to see it.

Elisabeth said...

Yay! Decorating the new space - how fun! I can't wait to see... there is no better way to get into the holiday spirit than visiting Bunny's house!

ctflack said...

Too funny you have your Christmas trees up already. I saw the pictures on Facebook and Kevin was like are those Christmas trees in her house already?? Now I have the explanation. The next time you buy that pumpkin butter, buy me some, and I'll pay you back. I can't find it anywhere around here and I haven't had time to venture too far to find it. I, of course, have talked up the dip enough that I need to make it so others can enjoy its fabulousness.

Big sis said...

It looks beautiful!

bunny said...

Thanks, all, for the comments. You will all get to see it in person since there will be a holiday cocktail party in my near future.

CTF, I will gets you some butter. I need some too--I have made that dip two more times since debuting it for you and the hubs.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I've always wanted to have more than one Christmas tree.
When my sister and I were teenagers, we would have a tiny one in our room.

I have a snowman collection that goes up before the tree.