Friday, November 06, 2009

Bleh and Beer

Peeps, it has been one LONG, TIRING and somewhat BORING week. First of all, the time change has really kicked. my. ass. Even though we "gained" an hour, I was still going to bed later, and waking up an hour earlier. Oy. I finally realized I needed to start getting in bed a little earlier until I could balance out. Brilliant, ain't I?

I also had something to do three of the past four nights, so I was out later, then home to do chores/work and no cooking. I am just way, way off my game. And I HATE that feeling. I am craving some routine. Right now, routine sounds AWESOME.

Mostly, it's been a week of balancing work, interviews/looking for work and worrying about work....when I wasn't out drinking it up with friends. Ha. Last night, I went to Taco Mac with a friend for dinner. I always love going to Taco Mac because they have a ridiculous amount of beers and I always try new options. Beer #1 was Dogfish Head Punkin Ale which was a recommendation of Beer Drinker over at Daily Beer Review.

If you remember, I reviewed a pumpkin ale recently for B.D....and it was the nastiest stuff to ever cross my lips. That wasn't domestic, of course. Anyway, the Dogfish Head was super tasty...almost crackalicious. Very yummers. I was so excited, I even forgot to take a pic. My second beer was this:

Lakefront Cherry Lager. I thought since I was on the flavored beer wagon, I would just stay on board. This beer was aw'ight--very pretty color and nice taste of cherry--but coming after the stronger taste of the pumpkin ale, it was a little weak. I think, however, that this would be a good beer to drink super cold in the summer and probably best drank alone. I will say that it grew on me and was better further into the glass, but that was probably because my tastebuds were further away from the ale.

Today, I have to go into the ATL so I better get to getting. Tomorrow I have a day-long outing with a friend that promises to be more fun that I can handle. Tune back in soon and have a GREAT weekend! Bun


Beer Drinker said...

Hey bunny. Gotta be careful of Lakefront Brewing. and also your pal CA loves them too.

I gave him first dibs on commenting here on your selection, but he didn't come through yet, so I thought you should be wary.

bunny said...

Let's just say I was being kind...after that "tastes of ass" pumpkin ale, it wasn't bad, but I don't think I would order it again.