Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday: The Holiday Catch-Up

I've decided I don't really like holidays. They throw you too far off routine and then it's just a C.F. of madness trying to get your life back on the rails. Anyhoodle, life has been out of the norm this week, even for my already out of the norm life, so I thought I would catch you peeps up in pictures.

Tuesday evening, we all--as in my WHOLE fams--went to see my niece play basketball. That is her--#15. There is something hysterical about watching 5 and 6 YOs play sports. And that little kid on the right? Well, I know it's not nice, but the fact that he looks a little crazy-criminal is sorta appropriate. That's all I'm sayin'.

Here is the whole cast of characters, including my two nephews (right). The little chubby boy with the blond crew cut on the left? Wanted to bring him home. SO cute.

Wednesday, I had to run to Walmart to pick up a few things. Yes, I am insane to go to Walmart the day before T-giving. Regardless, it was almost painless and I picked these up on a whim. And they are super yummy. Esp. if you love pistachios. And I do.

I enjoyed my crisps with this new-to-me beer: Dead Guy Ale by Rogue. Very nice and very drinkable beer. Rogue also brews a Double Dead Guy Ale which I think it may be my next pick.

 While at Walmart, I bought a special treat for T-giving morn breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls from the bakery. If you haven't checked out your local Walmart's bakery in a while, give it a whirl. They have ALL kinds of yumminess up in there including those Paula Deen pies I've mentioned before, naan (yes, naan!), fresh pizza crusts, and these fabulous cinnamon rolls. Def gave the IKEA c-rolls a run for their money. Yo.

 Here's the hubs and Savannah, enjoying a father-dogter moment after breakfast. My hubs actually rose and EXERCISED yesterday morning (hence his shatty looking hair). I told him the only exercise I was going to be doing yesterday was bicep curls with my fork. Word.

This? Was just SOME of the spread at my in-laws. My MIL is old-school and does it up right and homestyle. If there's not three meats, a dozen sides and a half-dozen desserts, it ain't a meal.

This? Was my FIRST plate of food. Oy. Pass the Zantac please.

 And meet Toby, my in-laws cat. Toby is huge. A whopping 15 pounds. As much as Savannah. He scares me a little. Look at those eyes. I think he can see into my soul.

 Then last night, as we headed home, I made the hubs drive me by the Best Buy so I could snap a photo of the idiots camping out. Like 20 people around 6 p.m. Weather was a windy 43 degrees and dropping. Someone please explain to me how this is fun. There is nothing you could be selling, no deal so great, I would camp out for it. Seriously.

So, now we are caught up to Friday, and later today, my nephews are coming to spend the night. I have all the four food groups ready: Sugar, soda, Pringles and pizza. And Elf on DVD. Should be a fun night.

Hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving and are spending the rest of the weekend relaxing. Later! B.


KP said...

LOVE the turkey leg. LOL!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Can you believe I have never seen Elf?

I love the pic of your laid-back nephew in a game with his hand in his pocket!

I snorted when you made the hubs drive through the Best Buy lot.
We had 20 people on the sidewalk at 5AM to buy shower gel!

bunny said...

LMSS, you MUST see Elf sometimes this holiday season! One of my all time FAVE movies. I actually own it. And that must be some damn good shower gel.

KP, I am all about the leg, whatever the fowl. Yum.

blackbird said...

Hubs may have messy hair but he's cute!

Youngest just drooled over that shot of cinnamon buns - his favorite, and yeah, there's no way I'm sleeping outside a BestBuy.

bunny said...

BB, my hubs IS a cutie. Bless his crazy exercising heart. But I think your hubs probably isn't lacking in the looks dept. ;)

tiff said...

I love Rogue Dead Guy! So glad you found it - yums!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I just looked again and realized your Hubs looks like Craig Ferguson.
Funny Dude. I have a little crush. On Craig....not your Hubs.

bunny said...

Yep, tiff, that one will be a re-peater.

Ha!, LMSS...I suppose in the right light, with sweaty hair, he does look a little like CF...