Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Recap

Ok, peeps, I know technically it's not the end of the weekend, however, nothing else exciting is happening today--trust me--so I thought I would go ahead and do the rundown.

Thursday night, I did make corn chowder. It has been so cold here and very soup weather. No recipe--just threw together some corn, potatoes, red peppers, bacon, onion and milk in a pot with seasonings. It was very tasty, that I wished I had noted what I did more carefully so I could recreate. Here it is, in all its yummy glory:

Friday day, I received my recently ordered books for work. See, I do a fair amount of writing by trade (no shitty comments about my writing or I will cut you!), and I decided to order some new reference books:

I bought Grammar Girl's guide (loves her! see my blog sidebar!), a new AP Stylebook (my old one was from 2001 so it was a wee bit dated) and a For Dummies book about editing/proofing (according to the Amazon reviews, it's awesome). Next, I am going to take a class on designing/managing a website. I figure every little thing to improve my skillz is not a bad thing. Because I am apparently entering "old fogey" land.

Friday night, I invited a friend over for dinner (shrimp & grits) and a movie, and another friend unexpectedly, but welcomingly, joined us. Good times were had by all. Of course, two+ bottles of wine helped with the good times. Don't judge, Judgy McJudgesalot. Last week was a ball-buster, 'kay? And we all SHARED the wine. Anyhoodle, I have two awesome wines to recommend, both DFM picks:

2007 Tilia Malbec, a lovely Argentina red. According to my Internets, this wine "offers dense black fruit aromas with a touch of sweet toast. The mouthfeel is full and rich, with ripe, concentrated black currant and cassis fruit flavors with a touch of chocolate and sweet spice from light oak aging." So, it's like drinking toast heavily spread with jam and drizzled with chocolate. I say nothin' wrong with that at all! A repurchase, fo' shizzle.

2006 Windmill Old Vine Zinfandel: This blend of 76% Zinfandel and 24% Petite Sirah features "aromas of sweet black cherries and juicy licorice with full flavors filling the mouth of cocoa, raspberry jam, and roasted coffee bean." This one had me at cherries and kept me through coffee bean. I must admit, if there is a descrip posted when I am choosing, I will 100% pick a wine on the aromas/notes if they are things I would eat in real life and love. Hasn't really steered me wrong yet.

Yesterday, I went to see my sister's sons play soccer in the cold-ass wind and rain. Y'all, seriously, it was like 45 in the GA yesterday. In October. It barely gets that cold in January. I am fully expecting to come down with the consumption any day now. But I was glad I went. They are good boys and growing up so fast.

Today, I have spent cleaning house and such, including organizing my "pantry" which is really just a huge metal shelving unit in my laundry room that provides storage for misc items including kitchen cabinet overflow. I have been couponing like mad and stocking up recently, so here is my "pantry" following organization:

Tea: check. Sweet & Low: check. Canned tomatoes: check (hey! it's soup and chili weather!). Pasta sauce: check. Cleaning supplies: check. Beer: check, and double check. I also cleaned out the kitchen cabinets and figured out I have almost three weeks worth of meals. So I have planned for us to eat out the cabinets for the next few weeks. We should save money and eat up some things about to go to Food Heaven. Word.

Well, let me go. Need to do a little work, apply for some know, fun stuff like that. Hope you all had a great weekend. See you soon. Love, B.


ctflack said...

I had a grammar question last night, and thought you would be the perfect person to ask, but now I can't remember what it was - oh well, maybe it will come back to me and you can consult your new books!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

2 questions....
Can you send me your grits and shrimp a fb message, perhaps? Or post it on your blog one of these days.

I had it for the first time at Easter Brunch and thought "THIS is GRITS??"

My other ?? is how they get a wine to taste like chocolate (I saw that note on a review of Cabernet)
I suppose I could google that?

blackbird said...

I envy you for being able to throw things together and end up with great chowder. I have no talent for that.
And, if you'd like to stop by and have a word with my pantry...well, let's just say, I'll supply the wine.

bunny said...

LMSS, Will send the recipe--it is on the Southern Living site, so I will send the link. And I don't know how they infuse chocolate notes into wine unless they use cocoa beans??

BB, I must confess, I DO have a good knack for throwing dishes together and altering recipes to my tastes. And my OCD self would be glad to come get your pantry all straightened out. The wine would give me fortitude. :)