Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

  1. Something is up--AGAIN--with my analytics. I "reinstalled" the code last night, but the damn thing is saying I had NO visitors for like 10 days, to which I say bull and shit because I have had comments. I mean, don't you have to VISIT to COMMENT? Seriously, Google. Get your shit together with the analytics.
  2. I have to leave when I finish this post and go BACK to Office Max because I bought their crappy inkjet cartridges and my HP printer will not recognize them. In the cold rain. When I am trying to accomplish a pile of work. Which I need ink for. I am not happy.
  3. Can you tell Aunt Flo is about to come for a visit?
  4. It has been a crappola week so far--returning from vacay always is--but this one has been times 20.
  5. In an effort to numb the pain, I treated my hubs to dinner at the Monkey Barrel again last night. I say, if the ship's on fire and going down, all hands on deck to party! Damn skippy. Bobs joined us and great food and fun was had by all.
  6. I enjoyed two new beers at the Barrel. Beer #1: Sweetwater Brewery's Wet Dream. Oh yes. Apparently, the Barrel no longer offers Arrogant Bastard, but asking for a Wet Dream is almost as satisfying. And it was a good beer--a little hoppy for me, but a nice imperial red ale. Very drinkable with a pizza pie.
  7. For Beer #2, I enjoyed my beloved Rogue's Shakespere Stout. I don't know why I am into stouts and dark ales and porters all of a sudden, but it just seems right. This dark beauty has a nice, mellow chocolaty finish. Mmmm.
  8. Bobs ordered a mixed drink: The Jim Jones. I think it is grape vodka, raspberry liquor, cranberry juice and sweet & sour mix. Y'all, I ain't kiddin'--that shizz tasted just like grape Kool-Aid. Sick but yet fun.
  9. I had to turn on the heat today for the first time. It was 63 degrees in my house. And I was freezing ass cold. Still am.
  10. Tonight for dinner we are having soup because it is PERFECT soup weather. I am thinking corn chowder. I will report back.
  11. I made some awesome homemade banana bread the other day and wrote up my experience as a possible guest post on a cooking blog. If it makes it on, I will post the link later.
  12. Did I mention how really pissed I am that I have to leave the house again today? Yes. I am becoming a hermit.
  13. If I have to go out, maybe I should at least treat myself to a hot toddy--an Apple Cider at Starbucks. They are delish. And like 1000 calories, I am sure.
Off like a herd of turtles! Later loves, Bunch


Karly said...

"Off like a heard of turtles!" That's hilarious.

I'm a hermit too. And today I have to go to the grocery store/Wal-Mart. On a SATURDAY. Do you know what those places are like on the weekend? Someone save me.

bunny said...

There is NO WAY IN HELL I would go to Walmart on Saturday. Ok, I have been on Saturday. But at like 8 a.m. I suggest alcohol (swabbing down AND drinking) before entering.