Thursday, October 29, 2009

In Which I Rant About My Sad Life

  • This day? Has sucked. Hard. I mean it. It blowed.
  • First, I have a MOTHER'EFFIN tick in my right eye that has been there for TWO DAYS. Off and on. Twitching. I am ready to stab myself in the freaking eye with a fork. It is DRIVING. ME. CRAZY.
  • Secondly, the jackass people across the street are STILL over there backhoeing their way to 'effin China. I am seriously ready to shoot myself in the head. Or stick a tater in that damn thing's tailpipe. I PRAY for more rain so IT. WILL. STOP.
  • I was turned down for yet ANOTHER job today. I am so tired of hearing about all the other TOTES candidates and how it was a HARD decision. You know what's hard? Hearing that you suck. Paying $600 a month for health insurance that will probably drop you if you really get sick. Worrying about how you will pay your mortgage after next month. Being worried, sick and sad all the time. Being exhausted because you are tired from pretending you are not worried, sick and sad all the time. That? Is hard.
And though NO ONE is even bothering to comment anymore, NONE of you better leave a note telling me how it will get better or it's God's plan or some other crazy bullshit. Because I may occassionally like your ass, but I just don't want to hear it today. Now I am going to go have a cocktail and spend the rest of the evening watching trashy television, eating crappy for me food, and feeling supremely sorry for my pitiful ass. Because I can.


robertga99 said...

WHATEVER! You can get mad at me if you want...but you are BLESSED beyond belief. You are one talented and smart bitch. The crapola that is hitting you right now is happening to a lot of people and with a lot of's hitting much harder. You are up to date on have a roof over your head...and a winning smile :)
So pick yourself up and move day at a time...breathe in, breathe're alive!

bunny said...

^I am mad at you, you damn loser. Not only did you write that load of crapola (and you forgot to mention my nice rack), you are leaving town without me on Pride weekend. You suck. And not in a good way. But I still love you. Maybe. I'll have another drink and think about it.

Elisabeth said...

Have a beer or two or a whole freakin' bottle of wine. In fact, I may drink the bottle for you or with you or in addition to yours. I'm sorry.

ctflack said...

That sucks! Keep thinking of those names for the company!

bunny said...

E., after the third glass, I lost count.

CTF, I am down to "Two Rockin' Chicks" or "Two Awesomely Cool Chicks"--what do you think?

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I was at my Mom's and she is WAY more pitiful than you. And she didn't have internet hook-up until today.

At least YOU had wine and candy.