Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For the Foodies and Fashionistas

Yo, peeps. It's only Tuesday, right? And, holy Hell, when did it get to be the middle of October? Oy. So, I have a kinda mixed up post today. I have several ideas running around in my head for posts and not nearly enough time or energy to complete them all, so there may be a mash-up of stuff going on up in BGR. Per usual.

First, the hubs and I had a younger and cuter nice couple to dinner last night in an attempt to pathetically cling to our youth be social. Bunny made the Publix chili (those peeps at Publix need to pony up for all the promo) and also made this dessert:

This is Apple Skillet Cake from Pioneer Woman. It was very good, but for the amount of butter up in the shizz, I expected to have a culinary orgasm and it didn't even blow my socks off. I actually think I should have let it bake a little longer--mine wasn't all golden-y goodness like hers. Oh well.

My wife guest tried to show Bunny up brought a really nice salad with the most awesome dressing. The salad was all walnuts, feta and Granny Smith apples. Mmm. Fruit, nuts and cheese--the perfect fall salad. B., however, outdid herself on the appetizer. Behold:

Dudes, this Pumpkin Butter Spread is some kind of fabulous. Pay attention: 8 oz. cream cheese, 6 TBSP pumpkin butter, 3 TBSP chopped cooked bacon and 2 TBSP finely diced scallions. Beat together cream cheese and pumpkin butter until smooth, stir in bacon and onions. B. also garnished hers with extra bacon and some green onion tops. Slap your mama goodness. For libations, this wine was served:

This pinot came from Trader Joe's, and maybe it's just because I've sipped some really great wine recently, but it didn't do much for me. It was ok, but not rich and wonderful like some similar priced wines I've had. But pretty label, right??

Now, we are moving onto the fashionista portion of this post. If you have a penis, you might want to bow out now. I have to admit, due to budgetary caution and my pathetic attempt to shape up, B. has been hesitant to buy many new clothes. Plus, I am not sure where I will wind up working, so I don't want to invest lots in apparel right now. But accessories? That's another story. Here's sample of some of my recent deals and steals:

These? Are the cutest shoes ever! And I gots them for $9.98 at Target! And I just ordered them in RED from Target.com. Not for $9.98, but still on sale.

These shoes? Not the cutest ever, but every girl needs a little sparkle via a pair of pewter metallic and grey-green flats. But the selling point was the price--a mere $6.98 at Target.

And my last pair--yet another Target pick. So, so cute. The pleating. The rounded yet squared toe. Loves totes. And I loves Target  because they have size 11. Yes. 11. Shut up. I am like 5'10. I need big feet to hold my big self up, 'kay?

These silver beaded treasure are from Etsy. And were another steal at only $7. Yo.

I purchased this lovely art glass pendant in Virginia here. The photo does even do the colors justice. So pretty and unique. I love unique pieces.

This large tote I also purchased at Target. For the amazing price of $11.98. It is sorta the shade of baby shit gold, but I loves it because of all the intricate pleating/weaving on the front. Besides, bargain shoppers cannot really be super choosy.

And this scrumptous bit is a scarf the hubs picked up for me at the Saks Fifth Avenue outlet for a deal-eo. My hubs can spot the super deals and has awesome taste. Can't wait to take this out in public. It's all faux Burberry-ish and crinkly fun. Whee!

So, that's it peeps. I need to go get supper on the table. Frozen pizza tonight--I am tired after last night's extravaganza. Too old to entertain on a school night! Love ya, B.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

You continue to crack me the hell up.
What is Pumpkin Butter? Do I have to make a field trip to DFM to get it?

Thanks for the Shrimp and Grits recipe. I'll try it soon.

bunny said...

Pumpkin butter is like apple butter or any other fruit butter. You can buy it at Williams Sonoma (for about $10, more or less) or at Trader Joe's (for about $3, more or less). If you have a local produce market, you might can find it there. The dip would probably be good with apple butter, too, now that I think of it.

Karly said...

Love that first pair of shoes! I wish I could wear those, but I always have toe cleavage sticking out and I hate that!