Saturday, September 19, 2009

Whip It. Word.

Y'all. It has been so dreary here this week. Rainy, cloudy, dreary. I know we need the rain. But does it have to rain every. single. day., all. week. long.? And all next week, too? Jeez, I am wrinkling up. And molding. Not to mention my frizzy hair. Oy.

So, no outside activities today. And for some reason, rain always makes me hungry. Seriously. Which is not boding well for my ass. Anyhoodle, I have been whipping up some magnificent dishes the past few days, if I do say so myself.

Thursday night, a friend came over for din, and I made this frittata recipe from W-S. I lurves me some frittata, but the hubs gets a little squeamy about eggs. WTF, I say? Just forget they're chicken embryos and suck 'em down. I served it up with some yummy grits with a little cream and cheese whipped in. Alas, I forgots to take a pic, but trust me, it was pretty.

Last night, I had some peppers and steak that needed to be whipped into something, so natch, I whipped up some pepper steak hoagies.

Mmmm...beefy. With provolone and au jus for dipping. On the side...Publix Baked Potato Salad which was BOOF this week. Yummers. Today for lunch, we had leftover frittata along with this fabulous soup:

From Sams! Yes. Sams! The hubs summed it up correctly when he said it tasted "like something you could order in a restaurant." Better still, it's not very fattening or pricey. Two thumbs up.

Tonight for dinner, I decided to make fried catfish, slaw and baked potatoes. During my last trip to the DFM, I bought a purple cabbage just for kicks and giggles and needed to get to getting on whipping it into something before it went South in the fridge.

I had no recipe for the slaw, just whipped it up. First, I chopped up the cabbage. See how pretty the purple is against my turquoise cutting pad?

To the cabbage, I added half a chopped red onion, a small chopped Gala apple and bacon bits (the REAL ones). Green onion and/or apple would have been more colorful, but I had to go with what was in the Casa Bunny kitchen. Yo. Oh, I also added celery seed (leftover from pickles), kosher salt and fresh ground pepper.

Next, the dressing. I mixed cider vinegar, mayo and Dijon mustard. Upon tasting, and my mouth puckering up prettily, I added a few tablespoons of sugar to counteract my overly heavy vinegar hand.

On another note, if you don't have yourself one of these flat whisky things, get one. They are faboo. I gots this one at IKEA for cheapo. So much more versatile than a regular whisk.

Next, the fish. Washed the fish and patted dry, then mixed yellow corn meal with Old Bay seasoning. Dipped fish in whipped egg, dredged in meal mix.

I use canola oil, for you know, my heart and all, and barely cover the pan. Note: Don't walk away from fish. It will burn in the blink of an eye. I know this from past experience. Word. And lock up your dogs or they will get grease splattered as they stand RIGHTUNDERTHEEYE with the fish on it. Actually, this did not happen to our girls, because I have learned to lock them up whenever I cook things that involve hot oil. Yo. Safety first.

Now that? Is some perfect 'effin catfish, if I do say so myself. I think I need to try my hand at hush puppies next. Mmm. Hush puppies. With real corn in them. Yeah. Maybe that's next.

So, I am off to continue watching Season 5 of The Office with the hubs. Hope you are having wonderful weekend, wherever you are! Hugs, B.


Elisabeth said...

ummm... that fish would have been delish with cheesy grits, too... making me hungry for.

bunny said...

Funny, I thought the same thing about the grits and catfish! But I think I am gonna be making shrimps and grits soon instead. :)