Monday, September 21, 2009

Please Send A Boat. Now.

Peeps. It has been raining every. day. for. a. week. Maybe longer. Seriously. A Facebook friend said this morning that she thinks she missed the invite for the ark. Um. Yeah. Events are actually being canceled in the area because of flooding and stuff like that. Thank God we got our gutters. And we live "up lake." I think.

Anyway, it's been a terribly soggy blah day at Casa Bunny and I just have nothing. Absolutely nothing. And my head feels so foggy and slushy and muddled that I cannot even come up with anything creative right now. For lunch, however, I did make paninis and soup. And for dinner I am planning pasta. Because, as I noted, this rain makes me hungry. So, so hungry. But first I have to go bike 10 miles. So my ass will fit on the ark we may have to build. Word. Out. B.

Area of Atlanta near the flooding Nancy Creek earlier today

Downtown Atlanta Connector earlier today


KP said...


bunny said...

Yikes, indeed, KP.

robertga99 said...

Row, Row, Row your boat
gently down the street

Let's hope you and I stay above water because with our history in rowing we would never get out