Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day. Indeed.

Well, peeps, it has been an interesting weekend. Friday afternoon, I had plans to go into the ATL for an appointment, but it was cancelled; however, I had already made dinner plans with friends in the ATL (since I was gonna be in town) so I went on down anyway. We did have a lovely dinner, provided courtesy of the Dekalb Farmer's Market:

I met up with one friend at the DFM to do the shopping, and we decided to go the Mediterranean route: lamb sausages, tabbouleh, lentil salad, pita, olives, cucumber soup. Delish.

Of course, what good is dinner with friends unless a little vino is involved? This Portuguese wine was my friend's pick--white vinho verdo. I think that is Portuguese for "light and lovely."

This California red zin was my pick. Mmm, mmm good. Yes, I know the photo is a tad blurry. I was two glasses of wine in at this point. Sue me. In all, a nice evening eating, drinking and conversing.

So, Saturday, the hubs decided he wanted to get on board Bunny's New Experiences train, so he suggested we go kayaking. Yeah. Remember last Saturday kayaking? Yeah. It blew. But in the spirit of positive optimism, I went all in and off we headed for the hills of northeast Georgia and the Chattahoochee river.

So, how was it you say? It was FIVE 'EFFIN MILES. And every part of my body is sore. Esp. my knees since I fell out of the kayak not one, but TWO times. In the rapids. On the rocks. Which sorta 'effin hurts like a mother. Esp. when the kayak lands on your shoulder. And smashes your finger. Thank the Lord we had on helmets is all I can say. And quit laughing, you a-holes. Like I am SURE most of you could have done better. Not.

And, yes, there are photos, but I am not sure they will ever see the light of day at BGR. We took them with one of those waterproof cameras--you know, with FILM--so we have to have them developed. Then, I am sure, I will be burning them so there is no evidence. Honestly, I am glad I did it--and it was somewhat better than last week--but I am just not sure kayaking is my sport. I think competitive beer drinking is my sport. Word.

Yesterday, we had a leisurely day at home recovering from our trip downstream. Then, last night, we went to a Greek restaurant in the ATL--Taverna Plaka--to celebrate a friend's birthday. Another new experience since my only noshing of Greek food has been limited to gyros at the Mall in the 80s.

First, the restaurant is known for their Friday and Saturday night festivities where people throw napkins, dance on the tables and general frivolity ensues. Sadly, we were there on Sunday, however, these signs were posted all over the walls. Fun.

Appetizers and drinks: Cucumber martini, make your own hummus, meatballs in tzatziki . That tzatziki was wonderful--I am all about the sauces. Word. We also had some fabulous Spanakopitakia, which was inhaled so is not in the pic.

The hub's dinner: Stuffed Pepper and Tomatoes with roasted potatoes and green beans. He cleaned his plate, so I assume it was good.

My two friends chose Moussaka, layers of thin slices of potato, eggplant, and zucchini, with seasoned ground beef, baked with b├ęchamel. This? Was slap yo' mama good.

I chose the Lamb Gouvetsi, orzo pasta in a fresh tomato confit, with stewed lamb and shaved Kefalograviera cheese. Very tasty, which is a good thing since it came back to haunt me later. Can I tell you how much Zantac is my friend?

I also indulged in a Greek beer, since you know, when in Rome. Or Greece. Or wherever. Meh. It was ok. Nothing to write home about. Tasted like Michelob to me. To protect the innocent, I am NOT going to post photos of my friend doing ouzo shots on top of the table for her birthday. But I am willing to tell you about it.

Today, the hubs and I worked in the yard ripping out wisteria. Do you know what a BITCH wisteria is? A mean, tough, invasive one. That shit has roots EVERYWHERE. The hubs broke his shovel. Seriously. And I ripped out everything left in the garden but the peppers which are still putting out. Sigh. Summer is coming to an end, fo' shizzle. Be back with you later, taters! B.


KP said...

I love, love, love Greek food. YUMMY!

Sonya said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all ;)

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

So glad you're back.

robertga99 said...

Taverna Plaka is the best! That Moussaka was soooo good.
Good Times, Good Food & GREAT company :)

bunny said...

A good time was had by all. A better time would have been had with more cucumber martinis.

Thanks, LMSS--it's good to be back!