Friday, September 04, 2009

Apparently, I Am An Approachable Smart-Ass

Yesterday, I had to take these online personality/success insights for this job for which I am interviewing. I've taken these type of tests before--they are sorta widely used now--but I have never been able to see the results. Until now.

Yes, peeps, I was able to receive a copy of my results. And, let me tell you. Those things are pretty much accurate. Painfully so, even. Crazily so, even. Scarily so, actually.

The first test was one that measured how I would behave and perform in a work environment. Here's a peek at some of the things this test had to say about Bunny:
  1. Patient and sensitive to others (um, maybe not the patient part, so much)
  2. Saying "no" is difficult when others need her time or talent
  3. Good at achieving goals
  4. Will work long and hard to satisfy her needs
  5. Potential to become expert in her chosen field
  6. Takes initiative
  7. Not afraid to explore new and different ways of interpreting her own belief system
Ok, so all those are good, right?? But then came the shitty stuff:
  1. Can be very competitive (WTF?? Wait. Is this good or bad?)
  2. In many cases, will want to set her own rules
  3. Other may believe you are a "doormat" or "bleeding heart"
Um. Okay. I am liberal leaning, but never really pictured myself as a bleeding heart. Next came the Success Insights. It measures how I influence people, respond to challenges, and respond to rules. Here's what it had to say about B:
  1. Approachable, affectionate and understanding
  2. Positive sense of humor
  3. Dependable team player
  4. Service-oriented
  5. Good at creative problem solving
  6. Good at giving feedback that encourages people to be open, trust her and see her as receptive and helpful; people oriented and verbally fluent
Wow. That's nice. But here's the flip side:
  1. Tends to agree to avoid confrontation (hmm...trueish but I don't think this is a horrible thing, esp. in the workplace. Esp. when it is your boss you are agreeing with.)
  2. Consistently tries to inspire others to her point of view (does this mean I am persuasive? um, isn't that good for PR people?)
  3. Can be emotional when expressing herself on a subject in which she believes (does this mean I am passionate? I mean, if you're not emotional, do you really believe in it?)
  4. Ability to sense what people want to hear, then tends to tell them what she thinks they want to hear (um, again, isn't this what PR people DO??)
  5. Seeks social recognition (really?? I don't get this one at all)
  6. Can appear overly confident and glib (is this a nice way of saying I am a smart-ass?)
Curiously, they left out the following:
  1. Has a strong desire for a good beer, a nice glass of wine, or when really stressed, vodka tonics or whiskey
  2. Attracts dogs, small children and gay men
  3. Tends to become overly emotional upon entering Williams-Sonoma
So. Yeah. Very interesting and eye-opening in many ways. The GOOD thing is the results were sorta similar. The results section also includes suggestions about correcting your not-so-great behaviors. Better than therapy. Well, not really.

I did think it interesting that in approx. 20 questions, these tests sorta nailed me. At least 85-90% of me. If I was being honest. So, you just gots some insight into me. For those of you who know me first-hand, I will be interested in what you have to say. But please be gentle. The tests didn't say I was sensitive, but I am. A regular delicate flower. Happy Friday! I am off to enjoy my holiday weekend. Later loves, B.

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Elisabeth said...

That's awesome that you got to see the results... I'd love to see all the results of these types of tests I've taken. But, like you, I think for the most part they've nailed me dead on. And as for your results, I think #3 of the second list pertains to #2 & #4 of the first list. And it just depends on who you ask as to if it is a bad thing - your boss or your spouse! ;-) And, I totally see a lot of those "flip side" lists things as positive...unless you work for someone who truely doesn't want you to think for yourself. Hummmm... no further comment.

#5 on the last list - I don't know what hole they pulled that out of... of all the people I know & have worked with, you are the most willing to work w/o recognition when you truely deserved it. (On that same list, don't #1 & #2 contradict each other?)

I'd hire you in a heart beat with these results. I hope this portends good things!