Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Your Lucky Day

You get TWO posts from B.! Yo. See the post of the girls was me being an indulgent pet parent. I was down in the floor after lunch loving on them, and snapped some cool-ish, grainy photos and wanted to post them. Then, I realized I had to give a recap of our faboo dinner last night.

Backstory: My little town has a dearth of good local eating joints. And by "good" I mean "not a meat and three or BBQ hut."It's a big enough town to support more local restaurants, but, sadly, people here are 1) cheap/tight and 2) very white. Yes, that is a Glenn Beck-yin comment. And what I mean by "very white" is "not willing to go outside their middle class conservative tastes." Like, say, ethnic foods. Heck, Italian and Mexican are considered "exotic" here. Get me? Which is why it cracks me the hell up that our town is nicknamed "G-Vegas." That has to be sarcastic. Seriously.

Anyhoodle, there is a local pizza joint which has been around and back. It was locally owned...and did gangbuster business....then was sold, and fell off a cliff. The service sucked. The food sucked. It became an all around suck fest. Then, it closed. However, in the middle of our shitty economy, the original owner decided to reopen. The hubs and I have been meaning to go, but were being Very White. As in "skeptical it was going to be any good."

Well, remember how I was pissing and moaning about going out last night? Well, I talked the hubs into taking me to the pizza joint. And we were not disappointed.

First, they have some awesome beers on tap, including Arrogant Bastard Ale, which I tried for the first time and lurved. And how cool to order...."I'll have an Arrogant Bastard, please." Watch this one though, peeps. It has 7.5% alcohol (compared to a "normal" beer of 4-5%) so it will knock you on your arse quick if you are not careful.

The Spring Salad was as good as ever....candied pecans, bacon, Gorgonzola cheese, Granny Smith apples...what's not to love? Not a damn thing.

And the pizza? This pizza will make you have dirrtty dreams of pizza. The crust alone makes me weep with joy. They have little squeezy bottles of honey on the table so you can guss up your crust remains. Like dessert. OMG. If loving this pizza is wrong, I don't want to be right. Word.

So, if you are ever up G-Vegas way, stop in at the Monkey Barrel. It rocks. Hard. Oh, and remember that Christmas is three months from today! B. Out!


tiff said...

Love the Monkey Barrel!! Now that I know they have AB I'll have to go more often. I haven't been back since the "time of the black hole"....glad to know that better times have hit the Barrel.

bunny said...

Tiff, Monkey Barrel is indeed BACK, BABY! We should meet for happy hour! ;)

Elisabeth said...

I'm sooooo excited to hear that Monkey Barrel is back!! You know my hubs has been wanting to try it since as long as he's known me, but I haven't taken him b/c of reports that it was down the tubes.... Whoo hoo! Wait 'til I tell him we can go! We'll probably be there Thursday night...

PS - Obviously I'm catching up on the reader....