Saturday, September 12, 2009

In Remembrance of Unity

I purposefully did not mention 9/11 yesterday. I truly have mixed feelings about how the aftermath of that day has played out and been handled.....and there were plenty of other people commenting....but I would like to post this link to a simple, but wonderful, post by my friend, Bobs, on his blog:

What a simple and yet spot-on commentary. I, too, often think back to those days after 9/11 when, for the only time I can remember in my life, Americans pulled together as a country. Not red, not blue, not black, not white, not rich, not poor, not fat, not thin....but just Americans. Just think how much we could accomplish as a nation if we could break our cynical cycle of apathy and self-absorbed behaviors and continuously maintain that feeling of unity and just 1/10th of that pride and energy. I long for it. Our country needs it.

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