Friday, September 11, 2009

Dragging My Ass into Friday

Yo. Peeps. It has been a looooooong week. Too many late nights. Too little sleep. Too many trips to the ATL. And I am too old for this shizz. Of course, if I gets a jobs in the ATL, I guess this is the way it will be, so I will have to sack up and suck it up.

In other news, I went to my first college football game last night: Georgia Tech v. Clemson. (OK! I know I am lame-o, but I went to a women's college, hence, no football team, and it's just never been a thing for me. Yes, I know college football is as Southern as sweet tea and magnolias, but I guess I just missed that gene. Sue me.) Though I was so tired, the energy of the crowd was (almost) contagious. Look at these crazy kids:

The truly sad thing is that I KNOW I am old enough to be some of those boys' mama. The game itself was actually quite good. Seriously. I mean I do know how the game is played. I will say, however, that LIVE sports are SO much better than watching sports on the telly. Again, the "in person" experience is great. Damn skippy.

Other than that, things have been quietly chaotic at Casa Bunny. Busy, busy--doing nothing and everything--and hemorrhaging out money this week. Exhibit 171: We took the girls for grooms so they are all sleek and stylin'.

See how cute? Though Savannah does have a little bedhead going on in the right side of that photo. I did wake her up, after all, when trying to take her pic. I guess I just better be glad I didn't get bit. See how freakin' pissed off she looks?

Savannah gettin' her stretch on. I call them the cat dogs, the way they stretch.

Well, folks, I am off to cook dinner. Full weekend planned. Some new Office DVDs. Some new adventure. Some new cookin'. Some new babies. Some new beer. Some new wheels. Yep. Lots to do. Better get some rest. XO, Bun.


Elisabeth said...

So you're no longer a FB virgin... good for Bunny! Question is, would you go to another?

bunny said...

Actually, yes, yes I would! Another live one, for sure. It was fun and exciting and, as I noted, the energy is contagious.