Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chuck Williams, You Owe Me. Seriously.

So, last night I decided to flip on over to the Williams-Sonoma Web site and browse their new fall selection of items. See, I am on the W-S emailings (for both my emails, the full store and the outlet) and I have been receiving a plethora of tantalizing electronic culinary porn. Yes, I know my budget does not allow for W-S right now, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Besides, our 13th wedding anniversary is coming up and I am considering registering for gifts--would that be tacky? Hell, I reckon 13 years is practically a milestone in this day and time. And if we make it to 20?? Oh, HELLZ YES, I am registering and throwing a big ol' party with a big ol' gift table at the door. Word. After all, the hubs and I don't have offspring, so we missed out on the whole baby shower thingy, so I figure we are due another round of gifts. That's allz I'm sayin.' Anyhoodle, here are my picks:

Bunny's Williams-Sonoma Wish List

Look at this cool little pizza stick pan! How cute is this thing? And a steal at $24.95. My only concern is it only has five slots--what's up with that, Chuck? Why not six? You know people gonna be fightin' over that last stick. That's all I'm sayin.' Yo. fall finishing sauces. French black truffles, tart black currents--what's not to love? There also is a Fig Bourguignonne which sounds equally divine. And only $16-29!

This? Is a Strawberry Huller. And it WORKS. I have seen Little Jake use it in class. I hate hulling strawberries and would love to add this little gizmo to my tool drawer. A stocking stuffer steal for only $7.95.Oh, yes, baby. I lurves my Wustof Classic Knives. Mama needs a new one, and I am thinking this one may be my next pick: the 10-inch Hollow Ground Slicer. I need a great slicing knife. A wee bit more to the pricey side at $119.95, but a lifetime investment. Seriously.

Bunny loves her pepper--the pepper-ier, the better, I say. So I am all over this new paste/rub which combines a blend of hand-cracked peppercorns. Just rub the paste into your meat, then pan-fry or grill as usual. Easy-peasy French cooking for just $12.50.
For some silly reason, I have always wanted a wine carafe. It just seems....special. Fancy. Not that we have many guests....or many who drink wine. And when we do have guests that drink wine, it typically disappears quickly. But I just like it. Though it does seem a little extravagant at $69.

I have always wondered if these garlic peeler tubes work. The reviewers on W-S say "Hellz yes!" So, I guess I need one. If it works like they say, it will be worth every penny of the $9 price tag.

Look! A triple timer! It has a 30-minute, 1 hour and 2 hour dial. How ingenious! How many things could I use this for?? But the $48 sticker is slightly steep.
These are the Edwards glasses. They seem sturdy. I like a sturdy glass. One that if you threw it at someone's head, it would give them a concussion. That kind of sturdy. These better be sturdy at a cost of $64-72 for four. I know. But they are supposedly crafted by hand, by master artisans. Whatever. As long as it doesn't break when I drop my cocktail.

W-S does food gifts. And these are the Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, old-fashioned delights hand made from scratch at a small Maine bakery. Chuck, you can send me over a batch of these for pimping you out on BGR. Word. 'Cause I know $49.95 is pocket change to you.

I don't know if these Potato Scrubbing Gloves would make life easier or not, but they are intriguing. I know I hate washing potatoes, and usually drench myself in the process, so maybe these are worth the $11.95 price tag.

Ah, come to Mama. With cooler weather coming on fast, my Dutch ovens will be back in heavy rotation with soups, stews, chilis and all other kinds of fabulous wintry weather cooking. I love this wider, shallower 5-qt. Le Creuset Braiser. In Flame. Because I am going to be on fire cookin'! Word. But, alas, out of my current reach at $240. Maybe Chuck will feel generous and send one of these along with the Whoopie Pies.

Well, that completes my list. Now, off the daytime dreaming and back to the daytime scheming. See you later, peeps. XO, B.


Elisabeth said...

I've always wanted a wine carafe, too. And love those potato gloves! Also on my list.... stemless wine classes...

bunny said...

Oh, I want some of those, too! Check out Marshalls/Home Goods/TJ Maxx--I have seen sets there for around $8-10.

Sonya said...

Little Jake does love that strawberry huller. I think one needs a new home in the Casa Bunny gadget drawer!

robertga99 said...

Now I know why it's called "bunnygoround" because you are the central point in the universe everything revoles around. LOL
When you go to register I am going with you. I figure I never got married(can't do it legally in this country anyway) and I never had a kid so I am WAY overdue for presents :)

bunny said...

Damn skippy about the revolving, Bobs, but not why it is called BGR. You know, you could marry yourself, and register for that event. I will even throw you a shower!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Did you know you can get some of the WS stuff at PB because they are the same company but PB is slightly less expensive.
Did you know I used to work for PB?
Did you know that I am so jealous that you have a WS outlet?

bunny said...

LSS, Never looked at PB for W-S stuff, but I will. And the outlet rocks. Esp. at the big holiday sales. I bought my Le Creuset there for 50% off. Yo.

bunny said...

PS, LSS when you come to the Ga. again, let me know. You can come visit and I will take you over to the outlet (which is 15 minutes from my house, and I am about 45 minutes from your bro. I think.) and we will drool together. And then we can double back to the DFM and whip up some eats! :)