Monday, September 14, 2009

Catching Up in Celluloid

Yo, peeps! Hope you all had a great weekend. The Bun has been busy, so let's catch up, shall we? First, I picked up our kayaking photos Saturday and thought I would share a couple that aren't too embarrassing.

That's me. Right before I fell out of the boat. The second time. Here's a tip: Sitting sideways like that in the rapid-y areas? Not a good thing. The current pushes your ass right on over. Yes, even if you have a fat ass like me. The good news? I think all my bruises are finally gone.

Here's the hubs in calmer waters. He almost looks like he knows what he's doing. Almost. But I bet right after this photo, he started going sideways. Oy. Kayaking. The most fun you'll ever have while not knowing you are having fun.

Saturday afternoon, a friend and I decided to go out to the 2009 Atlanta Dragon Boat Races. We didn't really think it would be a big deal or there would be a big crowd. Boy-howdy, were we wrong. The traffic was a disaster, and the day was the hottest one in quite a while, but it was interesting.

Here are some teams lined up to race. I believe, overall, 50 teams from around the country, mostly north Georgia, competed. The venue is the same one where Bobs and I went kayaking--the 1996 Olympic rowing site, which is located in my hometown.

These are the breast cancer supporter/survivor teams. The monies raised from the event were being donated to breast cancer support/research. Lots of pink. Word.

Does anyone know who these costume characters are? They seemed very popular. Esp. among the many Asian attendees who obviously knew who they were. That little red guy looks like he is about to cop a feel.

The dragon dance and drummer opened the mid-day ceremonies. That damn costume had to be SO roasty warm.

Little Asian girls perform a lovely ceremonial dance. Again, they had to be sweltering in those silk dresses. And their feet on that concrete? Bless their hearts. Overall, I think the event folks might have been a wee overwhelmed with the crowds, so here's to hoping they can get their shizz together better for 2010.

Saturday night, we went to the Pet Shop Boys concert at Chastain Park Amphitheater. I WON TICKETS. Hellz, yes! I cannot 'effin believe it either. I actually called into a radio station, answered a trivia question correctly, and won tickets for me and the hubs. I am truly one of those folks who never wins anything so I was terribly surprised. Here are some photos from the evening.

Before the show, a DJ was playing. As you can see, the venue is quite lovely--everyone brings food and picnics, and wine, and candles, and more wine. It's always a fun time.

I was somewhat confused with the group's song choices, but then we always want to hear what we want to hear, no? And they were very advant garde in their staging and costumes. As you can see, the theme of the night was boxes. Not quite sure what that was all about.

More singing, more boxes. The good news is they sounded great. You know, sometimes, when artists grow older, their voices....change. But they were very good. Quite enjoyable, indeed.

In other news, The Office: Season 5 came out on DVD last week, and we spent part of the weekend watching the first two disks courtesy of Netflix. I know we are big 'ol geeks, but I loves me some of The Office. Yesterday, we went and picked up the hubs new-to-him car....a Buick Century. Now we are pimp ridin' in plush style. My bro-in-law (who works in the car trade) gots a sweet deal on this trade-in and helped a sister out. Literally. Thanks, B! You rock!

So far, the week ahead looks quiet, which is a blessing after last week, let me tell you. Hope you have a great Monday. I will be back soon. XO, Bunny.


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