Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And So The Beer Reviews Begin

Yo, peeps, it's a rainy day here in the GA. But, hey, it's all good 'cause the lakes and streams need replenishing so B. can do some more kayaking (pause while I wipe away tears of laughter from my eyes). Anyhoodle, life's been kinda quiet to start the week, which is fine by me after the chaotic whirlwind of last. And I have finally gots around to tasting a beer or two, so I thought I would share my reviews.

First, to recap, you may remember that last Hump Day, I found the Holy Grail for Beer Lovers: HopCity Craft Beers & Wine in the ATL (read more about it here). It still seems all a dream--a lovely , lovely beer-soaked dream. Anyway, over the weekend, I indulged in beer #1:

TommyKnocker Maple Nut Brown Ale

I actually mentioned this beer on BGR last year, almost a year ago to date, after I had one at Taco Mac when enjoying dinner with a friend. It blew me away. I have looked for it ever since, to no avail, until HopCity. Now, I possess a 6-pack. Well, now, a 5-pack. And when I had it Sunday night, it still blew me away. Here's the product overview from TommyKnocker:

A delicate amount of maple syrup is added to each barrel of our award winning Maple Nut Brown Ale to impart roasted sweetness. This addition balances the nut flavor produced by chocolate malts used in the brewhouse, producing a drinkable dark amber ale with a relatively low-alcohol content.

Whazz?? Low-alcohol content?? Tell me it ain't so T.K.!! Oh, well, guess that means I just need to drink more. Which is fine with me because it is a yum-o beer. Word. Onto Beer #2:

Breckenridge Avalanche Ale

This beer was recommended by the owner of HopCity, after I told him I really liked Fat Tire by New Belgium. Breckenridge Brewery is "down the road" from New Belgium, and owner man said Avalanche Ale was a slightly more refined version of Fat Tire. Here's what the company says:

Subtlety. That's what makes our Avalanche Amber Ale such a treat. We blend pale and caramel malts – and just a kiss of bittering hops – to create a refreshing-but-flavorful, any-time beer. Aromas of pale grains, a semi-sweet middle and a clean-as-Colorado-snow finish make this our best-selling beer.

This ale was quite good--and probably very, very close to Fat Tire--but hard to judge without doing a side-by-side taste test. Hmm...there's an idea! I don't know that I am going to run out and buy another one soon, but I would buy again. And onto Beer #3:

Blue Moon Honeymoon Summer Ale

I actually did not purchase this beer at HopCity--it was a hostess gift from a friend who recently came to dinner (note to friends: beer--always a good choice for a hostess gift for B.). I don't know that I would have ever bought this beer on my own, but it is lovely, esp. for warmer days. Blue Moon notes that the brew contains clover honey and orange peel. I say, chill well, add a slice of orange, and enjoy. But hurry--it's only shipped through August, so there might be a few left on the shelves.

In other news, last night I made the Publix Apron Recipe of the Week which was easy-peasy (Dump everything in a bowl and stir. Seriously.) and so delish. Two thumbs up! Well, I'm off--see you later, peeps! Bun

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