Friday, September 18, 2009

10 Things That are Wrong with Me

This post idea was going around on several blogs a few weeks ago, and I thought it intriguing, so I noted it for a day when I really had nothing else going on to share. And here we are. And for those of you who say "how the hell can B. limit it to 10 things?" I say, "Suck it." Onto the list.
  1. I have an abnormal fascination with lip products, esp. lipstick. At any given time, I probably have anywhere from a dozen to 20 different lip products in my purse. Just my purse. We won't talk about my cosmetic case.
  2. I cannot drink beverages from aluminum cans. Well, I can, but I really don't like it, and will go out of my way to try not to do it.
  3. Scraping the tines of a fork across my teeth--or hearing someone else do it--gives me the bad willies. Hell, writing that gives me the bad willies.
  4. Likewise, I do not like eating ice cream or other cold foods with a metal utensil. I prefer to eat cold items with plastic if possible.
  5. I sleep with four pillows--two under my head (one super flat, one poofy), one between my knees (middlin' poofy) and one hugged to my torso (super poofy). I am a side sleeper and need my support.
  6. I have a deep fear of little people. I don't know why. They just scare me.
  7. I have a deeper fear of clowns. Who in the hell would put on that garb and act all goofy? A scary person, that's who.
  8. I have never eaten a full size candy bar. Ever. I am just not a big lover of candy. Except Starburst Jelly Beans.
  9. I put ice in my milk. I like my milk cold. Ice cold.
  10. I did not start drinking coffee until about five years ago. I could probably still take it or leave it.
Yes, there is more, but let's start with that for now, shall we? Hope you all have a great weekend. We had some outdoor plans, but it looks as if they are going to be rained out. Maybe it will be a couch & good book weekend. Love ya! Bun.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I thought we were the same person...until I got to #6,7,8,9,10

bunny said...

If you matched on all 10, we would be going for some DNA testing. So, we are 50% the same person. Those are still good stats. Yo. :)