Sunday, August 02, 2009

Today, I Am.....

....glad it is raining, but sad our tubing trip with my sis' fams was canceled because of the weather.

....wishing I could curl up on the bed with The Time Traveler's Wife for the rest of the afternoon.

....sad because instead of reading, I am working on a freelance project and looking for jobs online.

....reliving my excellent dinner from last night in which I (almost) successfully made cold cucumber soup (it was a tad bit salty, but the hubs said it was still better than the DMF, so YEAH!).

....looking forward to trying my new recipe tonight (tune in tomorrow for pics!).

....finally catching up on all my laundry. Oy! There are so many more clothes in summer!

....listening to Broken by Lifehouse over and over (It's the song in the trailer for movie adaptation of The Time Traveler's Wife and I had to hunt it down because it touched me so much and now I cannot get it out of my head).

....thinking about A Beautiful Mind, which we watched last night. What an excellent movie and, though I love me some Denzel Washington, I believe Russell Crowe was robbed the Oscar on that one.

....procrastinating by doing a blog post. So, I am out! Later taters! Bun

Props to Badger of Badger Meets World, from whom I stole this post concept.


Sonya said...

I LOVE Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind, too. Even more than in Gladiator, for which he did win an Oscar the year before. I'm afraid that win may have negatively impacted the 2001decision. I even thought Sean Penn was very deserving for Sam I Am. Tight race that year.

Elisabeth said...

Yesterday was such a good reading day, which I really needed... Should have a new post up by the end of today.