Tuesday, August 11, 2009

T is for Tomato. And Tuesday.

Oh, peeps. Remember back a month ago when I was pissing and whining about the state of my tomatoes? And remember how I said I would probably regret pissing and whining so much when the tomatoes finally did come in? Well. Yeah. I am there now. Behold:

Somehow, in the past week, the tomatoes have taken off. However, I will say that they are not as large or tasty as last year. And while this is quite a haul, it pales to 2008. Seriously. The freaky weather and, now, the mother-'effin white flies have decimated most of my plants, including my prized heirlooms. My romas and cherries are hanging in there, and I am desperately trying to save them with insecticide soap. You know. Organically. It ain't working too hot though, so I'm ready to throw Seven dust on it all and call it a day.

Anyhoodle, with the harvest comes lots of tomato recipes--I see gazpacho and tomato pie in our near future. But, hands down, this is my favorite way to eat ripe, fresh tomatoes:

Slice 'em up on a plate, sprinkle with salt and pepper, drizzle with some good EVOO and balsamic or other vinegar of choice, then top with some fresh parm (blue cheese or feta also work well). A sprinkle of fresh basil and/or oregano also is nice, but I was in a rush last night. Seriously, give me a crusty baguette and this plate and I could make it a meal. It's like a fancy, deconstructed tomato sandwich.

I also made yet another batch of cucumber soup last night. My cukes are basically played out, but I still have plenty sitting on the counter. This batch? Was perfect. Golly, I cannot wait to have it for lunch today. I served the tomato salad and soup with burgers on those awesome Publix buns. Hearty, healthy and, most of all, delish.

Otherwise, things are pretty quiet around Casa Bunny. I may have to go out and create some drama just to have something to write about. Or you could ask me questions and I could answer them. Just an idea. I am an open book--so hit me with your best shot.

Hope you are having a wonderful week so far! Smooches! Bun


Bobs said...

T is for Tomato but....
C is for Cookie
That's good enough for me
Cookie starts with C

bunny said...

Thanks, Bobs--I needed that today.

Sonya said...

Cookie monster is hard to beat, but Ernie doesn't do too bad for himself with...

Rubber Ducky
You're the one
You make my bathtime
So much fun
Rubber Ducky
I'm awfully fond of youuuuuu!

bunny said...

Y'all take your Muppet love-fest somewhere else! :)

Elisabeth said...

No poem from me... I'm just a taker on this one.

What's your recipe for cucumber soup? I made some last night, but it isn't as creamy as what I've had in restaurants AND I didn't even add the water it said to add. Mine was plain yogurt, cucumbers, dill, lemon juice, garlic.....I think that's it.

bunny said...

E., I bastardized mine from several recipes but the gist is two good-sized cukes (peel, scoop seeds, dice), two cups buttermilk, garlic (not much), salt, pepper, dill (fresh or dried, to taste) and about 1/2 to 3/4 cup sour cream. The sour cream helps thicken it up and gives it richness.