Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So Far, This Week Blows

Ever had one of those weeks where it's just one piece of shit flung at you after another and, to top it off, you are knee deep in PMS and you start to cry every time you answer the phone and all you really want to do is crawl into bed in your softest knit pjs with a bottle of wine and some Tylenol PM, but, NO, you have to keep looking for work and working on work and, you know, breathing and showering and pretending like you are happy and everything is right in the world, but yet you know if one more person tells you to be positive and that everything is going to work out and happy days are just around the corner, you will scream or punch them or scream then punch them and, at the same time, the forces of evil are plotting against you because while you try to summon the will to be strong and positive and like just live one more day, all around you everyone is talking about puppies and flowers and butterflies and babies and smiling and laughing and loving life like every three seconds? Yeah. It blows, doesn't it? Word.

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