Saturday, August 01, 2009

Random Thoughts for Saturday

  • My hubs had the foresight to make double coffee for me this morning. He rocks.
  • He also brought home another peck of peaches yesterday--Georgia Belles--and they are superb. He really knows how to woo a girl.
  • For her birthday yesterday, Pepsi got fresh hamburger (cheap but cooked!) and belly rubs. So far, we have not been asked for a gift exchange.
  • Thursday, the hubs and I went to buy a planter for the garden and visited this lovely landscaping business. We bought a pot similar to the one shown here as a fountain to plant a ginkgo in out front. Did you know ginkgoes date back 270 MILLION years?
  • At the same place, the bathroom ceiling was a piece of rusty roofing tin. So cool. I lurves this idea. And, no, I do not feel at all weird about taking random photos of toilet ceilings.
  • On the way to the landscaping place, we came across this HUGE field of sunflowers. You can find many of these around the South--you will just round a corner, and see waves of cherry yellow. This photo does not do justice--it was so pretty.
  • Last night, I made Big Salad, and I decided to use some leftover guacamole to make an avocado vinaigrette. Mercy was it good! A little EVOO, white balsamic vinegar and a little guac. I also cut up the German Queen tomato and it was delish.
  • Last night, I also finally got my shizz together for making pickles, which was good since I have cukes coming out my ears. I chose refrigerator pickles (you keep them in the fridge and don't have to use heat/pressure to can) and went to chopping. Turns out the jars I chose were a little small, but, hey, you live, you learn. Regardless, right now I have a dozen jars of pickles that I hope are edible.
  • And, peeps, that is all for now. I have to get out to the garden for a little work before it starts to broil. Have a great Saturday! Loves, Bunch

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Elisabeth said...

I am very excited about your pickles & can't wait to hear how they turned out!