Sunday, August 09, 2009

O-La-La: The Weekend Wrap-Up

Peeps! It's been a full weekend, fo' shizzle. Starting from 5 p.m. on Friday. Why what happened at 5 p.m., you say? Well, I had dinner guests....that were confirmed at noon the same day. Yeah. But the Bunny is always prepared, being the good Southern girl that she is. So, after a quick run to the Publix and to have a pedicure (groomed feet are a must for a good hostess, right?!?), I was ready to roll.

The guests? Well, my dear friend J., who I've known since I was 14. Um, yes. That would be a long time. Shut your piehole, okey-dokey? And Sam. Yes, Sam from Monday Sam. See, J. and Sam had invited Bunny to go kayaking with them Friday night. Um, hell to the no. I mean 1) I have never been in a watercraft which required my effort to propel it, 2) I cannot swim (I don't want to hear it. Seriously.) and 3) the event was happening after dark. It was just a series of horrific embarrassments waiting to happen.

Anyhoodle, since I was depriving them of my company for the kayak trip, I invited them over for wine and nosh beforehand instead. Now, feeding people? That's something in which Bunny excels. So, I whipped up some wonderful bruschetta:

Topping made with fresh tomatoes--purple, yellow and red--and basil from Jardin de Bunny....

And olive tapenade a la Ina Garten (recipe here), which was SO delish. I had never made it, but Bunny is always up for a challenge. It was surprisingly easy; however, I did cut the anchovies in half. (Sorry these photos are messy--we had already delved in before I remembered to take photos).

Layering both on a nicely toasted baguette = simply fabulous. Even more fabulous was this wine, which I served:

I mentioned this wine before when my friend E. served it for my b-day dinner. And it deserves another mention. It is a sublime sparkling red. Which I really hated to share, but since it's sparkling and the hubs don't drink, it has to be consumed quickly, hence, a guest wine. For the main course, I made the ridiculously easy Chicken & Orzo salad from Williams-Sonoma. Good friends, good food--what can be better??

Yesterday was errands and work all day. I know, not fun, but necessary so I could have fun today. Today, was my first W-S class since for'eva--Vinegars. It was super. We tasted an assortment of different vinegars--champagne, sherry, white wine, red wine, balsamic. Who knew they were so different? I had never taste tasted vinegars, but sampled side-by-side, the differences are remarkable. Try it. Seriously. And I cannot wait to try some of the recipes!

Of course, while perusing the store before class, I managed to purchase a few items--all on sale, natch. Some dish towels ($4!), chili sauce ($3!) and real Meyer lemon juice ($4!). I also ran up on these mixing bowls, which I covet with all my heart:

SO pretty. And a steal at only $159 for the set. So, anyone who wants to purchase a little gift for Bunny can just snatch these up.

This afternoon, we went to see Julie & Julia which pretty much lived up to the hype. Meryl Streep is simply fabulous. In general and in this role. And the wonderful Stanley Tucci is sexy, sexy as Paul Child.

In other news, I also finished The Time Traveler's Wife this weekend and was underwhelmed. And disappointed. Because that is 500 pages and two weeks I will never get back. But I have found a new song to love--Best for Last by Adele. I am a late comer to the Adele train, but a friend recently lent me her CD, and this song? Well, it's unique. And speaks to my memories.

And here we are at bedtime, another weekend gone. The week ahead is looking a little crazy, but I hope more positive. Hope you all had a great one and be good 'til I'm back! B.


Elisabeth said...

ummm... I'm still thinking about those vinegars. When I got home, I did a side by side taste test of the three in my cabinet - red wine, balsamic and fig. I figured out that the red wine, though I really could taste the red wine, tasted very much like the balsamic. And I prefer both of them - at least straight up like that - to the fig. Go figure.

Going to the grocery store tonight after work, though, to whip up some din-din. I'm inspired. Plus, I need to use the sun dried tomatoes from DFM.

savoy said...

...and not even a mention of the panini we brought.

bunny said...

savoy, are you a friend of the Bun or E-beth? Sorry that my senses are a little dulled this evening, so I am not remembering a panini....