Thursday, August 20, 2009

Internets, I'm Taking a Sabbatical

Yes, my dear loyal readers of BGR (yeah, um, not you garden porn seeking pervs--just the lovelies), after much consideration, consternation, confusion and a whole bunch of other words that begin with con-, I have decided to take a short blogging break.

Wha-wha, you say? But Bunny, how can you take a sabbatical when you are not even working? Precisely. Peeps, I am just worn down in every way. As you can possibly tell from recent posts--such as, So Far, This Week Blows--I need a mental health day or five. I need some time to refresh. Refocus. Reorganize. Rejeuvenate. And a whole bunch of other words that begin with re-.

Since I have been blogging 'bout every day, I just wanted to lets you know that I haven't stopped loving you, appreciating you or being thankful for your visits. I just need a little time for Bunny, that's all. I promise, cross my heart and hope to die, that I will come back. It may be a few days, or a week. I'm not sure. But please check back and, in the immortal words of Jim Kerr, "Don't you forget about me." B. Out!


Sonya said...

Since you're taking a break, I don't know if it does any good for me to comment....but, enjoy your time off. We'll miss you.

blackbird said...

Hey, Bun, let me know when you're back, okay?

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

In the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenwhatever....Ah'll be bahk. I have you bookmarked!

tiff said...

Get some rest and relaxation! You deserve some "bun time". I'll check you when you're back - you're one of my faves!

Elisabeth said...

OK - somehow I missed this...the hubby asked this morning, "Why's Bunny taking a break?" I said, "What kind of break." Somehow I missed reading your message in my reader while on vaca.

Enjoy it & as with previous posts, I'll be here when you decide to reappear.