Monday, August 31, 2009

In Which I Gets Back Up in the Game

Peeps! It's been a FULL weekend. And Monday. So far, anyways. So let's jump in, 'cause there's lots to be discussed.

First, since a couple of you have asked, click HERE for the recipe for the Chicken & Tomato Stacks. That's a Publix Apron Meal and it was easy-peasy but oh-so-fancy looking. My fave kinda meal. And perfect for a no-cook summer evening. Go gets the recipe. Now. Go on. But come back.

Secondly, the nachos were "Kitchen Sink" nachos because I sorta just threw in what I had. Poured a bag of chips on a big 'ol platter, covered them with Mexican cheese and stuck them under the broiler. While the chips and cheese were doin' their melty thing, I browned ground beef with taco seasoning, and grilled some sliced bell pepper and onions. I layered all that on top of the chips with a drained, rinsed can of black beans and topped it all with salsa. They were yummers. I am thinking of repeating tonight with grilled chicken. One of the hubs and mines fa-vo-rite things is chicken nachos. I will report back.

Now, onto the weekend. Saturday, Bobs and I decided to go kayaking, something neither one of us has ever done. To disasterous (at first) and hysterical (at the end) results. We went out to the local rowing venue on our hometown lake, and they basically gave us a kayak, two paddles and said "Go." O-kaaaaay. The first hour, we literally went in circles. And ran into a bridge support. And a boat ramp. And God know what else. Oy. Can you say W.T.F.were we thinking? Well, I tell you. We thought it would be SO easy. And it was for the 8-year-olds zipping by us.

As I panicked about being stranded in the middle of this huge lake overnight, we got our shizz together and figured out what to do. Basically, Bobs made me suck it up and keep at it and, in the end, it was actually pretty fun. Then, all these peeps tell me how much easier it is to kayak on a river rather than a lake. Like, why the HELL didn't you tell me that BEFORE I went to the lake? Anyway, here is photo proof:

That's me from behind. So you can't see the tears streaming down my face. But you CAN see the Bunny tail--see the poof beneath my hat brim? Anyway, Bobs and I have made a vow to go back again, because we figure if we master the lake, we can paddle one of those damn things anywhere.

So, yesterday, I went with some friends for a birthday brunch celebration at Wolf Mountain Vineyards, a mountain winery near my home. Pretty much all of the food was fabulous, but the highlight of the day for me was this:

Y'all. THIS is peach soup. Oh. My. God. It's the best thing I have put into my mouth in a long, long time. Seriously. It was like eating a chunky peach smoothy but 1000x better. I am already researching recipes. I had a bowl to start. And I had a second bowl for dessert. I could have bathed in it.

August was Artisan Cheese month at the winery (their brunches are themed to seasonal/local foods) so there was lots of stinky cheeses from Southeast dairies. So good.

The grapes were full and lush and on their way to harvest.

The views were spectacular. That building is the wedding pavilion, photographed from the main house.

This is the main house, photographed from the wedding pavilion. We were seated along the side, at one of those large portrait windows. Lovely, lovely afternoon.

Today, I had to jaunt to the ATL for an appointment and just happened to be near the office of a favorite person of mine, so we arranged to lunch together. He suggested Ethiopian food. Why, hellz yes, I was all in. After all, I am continuing on my quest for new experiences in my 40th year on this earth, so I figured it would be another thing to add to the list.

Photo taken by one of those cheapo IPhones, hence the poor quality. Ok, and it was 'effin dark as a tomb in there too. Which sorta scared me. What would they be serving us? Let me tell you. They served us some of the most delish food. Why did no one TELL me how TASTY Ethiopian food is? Spicy, but tres tasty. And you eat it with your hands, which I was all about. Well, you eat it with this spongy sourdoughy bread, but they give you no utensils. I will be going back for more of that. Fo' shizzle.

Then I came home to a treat for me. I ordered these earring from Etsy. If you don't know what Etsy is, then pull your head out of your lame-o arse and get over there right away. Basically, it is a website full of beautifully crafted artsy finds for you and your home. These earrings? $8. And one-of-a-kind beauties. I esp. lurved that they are called "Silver Lining." So sparkly. So pretty.

Well, I am off to go do some non-fun things. But that's life. Later taters! Bunch


Elisabeth said...

Ok - you must take me to Ethiopian restaurant to try... It sounds wonderful. Every time I see an Ethiopian restaurant I make a not so PC remark. Help me do penance.

And, I need you to send me your pics from Sunday since my hubby didn't make good on his promise to get the camera out later & take pics for me. Please? Thank you.

bunny said...

Oh, Ebeth, it was SO tasty! I was very, very, very pleasantly surprised. You would loves, I guarantee. Pics en route soon.

KP said...

I love, love, love Etsy.