Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hump Day Holla

  • Really, peeps, I gots nada today. This week at Casa Bunny has been a slow slog so far. I cannot even think of anything to make up. Well, that's not true, but I don't want to shock anyone too badly.
  • The highlight of my day so far was lunch at Panera with Bobs. When the hell did Panera get so chintzy with the servings? That seems to be a trend in restaurants--less food for more money. The collective super-sized focused American is going to start freaking out.
  • The second highlight of my day was a trip to Walmart to purchase insulin syringes and cat food. Oh, and a baby shower gift. See, I have nothing.
  • I did also purchase some new "unmentionables." But being "endowed," I don't really love purchasing those--it is usually more of a chore than a joy.
  • I finished my latest read today--The Book of Joe by Jonathan Tropper. It was a slow start for me, but once I read the first 100 pages, I was into the characters. Great characters, with lots of depth. It reminded me of Richard Russo, but lighter. Some great LOL moments, too. And tears. Several teary moments.
  • Last night for dinner I whipped up a great panini, but neglected to take photos. It was tomato, provolone cheese and prosciutto on multigrain spread with pesto. It was very, very good. Tonight, I think I am going to make gazpacho. Tomatoes, peeps. I gots lots of them.
  • So, I am off like a herd of turtles. At least I can maybe get my shit together enough to have a productive afternoon. Later taters! Love, B.

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Elisabeth said...

I had already sent you my rant email before I read this, so maybe you feel my pain.

Happy Hump Day!