Thursday, August 13, 2009

Holy Shit, I Need to Change My Damn Dishes

Yo, peeps. I was just preparing my post and I realized that you all have been seeing my Old British Castles Pink dishware for MONTHS now. That ain't right. I am gonna have to start being more creative with my plating so as to make my culinary creations more visually appealing.

In a moment of confession, Bunny will admit that she is a certified dish junkie. I have at least five sets of dishes, including a Christmas set and an heirloom set that is for "looks" only. And plastic dishes including bowls, plates and various serving platters and such. And enough glasses to start my own version of Crate & Barrel. All kinds of glasses, from various mugs to martini glasses to liquor glasses to beer pilsners to plastic wine glasses (safety first when drinking on the deck!).

And bowls. Tons of bowls. A cherished metal one from my grandmother, a set of glass Pyrex from my moms, ones that match my five sets of china, wooden ones for salad. And all other kinds of vintage and modern serveware. It is a serious sickness. One in my gene pool. If only you could have seen my grandmother's kitchen. Mercy. However, it is a sickness that nicely complements my love of cooking. And speaking of cooking......

Last night, I whipped up the shizz! Yo! If you have been lurking here anytime at all at BGR, you know Bunny is all about the sandwich, the salad and the soup. Oh, why, you say? Because you can do almost anything with these three items with whatever you gots on hand. Behold, my take on the chicken pesto panini:

Multi-grain bread, spread with a tablespoon of prepared pesto. Pesto, like zesty cheeses, gives you a ton of flavor bang for your buck, so you don't need but a schmere.

Next, I piled on spinach and "cheater chicken," the pre-cooked, grilled stuff from Sam's I have raved about here in the past.

Finally, shaved parm slices. Then, grill until all melty and goldeny.

Mmmm. As good as anything you would get at one of those fancy-schmancy sandwich places, fo' shizzle.

I served the sandwich with my own bastardized version of gazpacho which was day-um good. And pretty! How pretty is that 'effin soup?? I pureed up about 6 or 7 tomatoes (red and a few yellow, left the skins on), added two diced cukes, red wine vinegar, onion, a smidgen of garlic and a dash of EVOO. Topped with a dollop of sour cream and fresh ground peppa. I rock the kitchen. Damn skippy.

Well, I am off to work on several things I have going on. You all be good! XO, B.

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Elisabeth said...

Love that first pic of the plated sandwich w/ soup! And, the soup sounds de-lish! I love gazpacho.