Friday, August 14, 2009

An Evening in the Kitchen with Bunny

Don't get all excited now....I ain't inviting you all over. But I do enjoy entertaining, so anytime any of you want to drop by, just give me a few hours heads up, then show up with some booze and I will welcome you with open arms! But back to the topic at hand. Last night, I (somewhat) tracked my cooking process via pictures, just for kicks and giggles. Step One: Preparation.

These are my new W-S towels I gots for a STEAL. They look loverly in my pumpkin-colored kitchen. I am trying to use more dish towels and less paper towels. Both for budget and for the environment. If only I could break the hubs, who is a terrible PT junkie. And, after ruining countless t-shirts and other pieces of apparel, I recently started wearing an apron. And, guess what? It works! What an ingenious invention! And, no, there are no photos of Bunny IN her apron because I have decided aprons are universally unflattering. At least on me.

Step 2: Decide what the hell to cook. Suited up and ready to go, I decide to use this sauce I bought at W-S for a STEAL. See the splatters? Well, you wouldn't believe it, but it seems that if you don't twist the lid on tight before you shake the jar, stuff comes out! Wow! I decide at this point I may need fortification. No, not forNication (hehe--that's for the porn seekers!), fortIFication.

Oh, yes! Come to me, baby. Mmmmm. Cold. Mmmmm. Limey. Mmmmm. Do I really need to cook? Maybe I can just have liquid dinner. Well, I suppose the hubs needs to eat.....

Step 3: Start the entree. The night before, I boiled some chicken, so I shredded it up, poured the sauce over it, and set it to simmer. Easy-peasy. But I have to serve this shizz with something. So I decided to make a mix of brown rice, black beans and whatever I can find in my fridge.

Step 4: Start the rice. Ah, my little $1 Tar-jay kitchen timer. How did I ever live without you? I loathe setting the timer on the stove. What a pain in the arse. But I love this little timer. It's the simple things, peeps, the simple things.

While waiting for the rice to cook, I admire my toenail polish. I mean, wouldn't you rather see my loverly red polish than rice boiling? I LURVES this color--London Bridge is Falling Brown. I bought it off the Ulta clearance table. It is a perfect red. I wish they made it in a lip stain to match. Word.

Step 5: Work out the side dish. Rice is done. Beans are drained. What next? EVOO is always a good place to start. This option from Trader Joe's is my current fave. TJ's used to have a wonderful unfiltered oil but they discontinued it. So I bought this option when there last. The label says "Fruity flavor. Smooth and buttery. Distinctive peppery finish." Oh, TJ....You had me at "buttery." You hooked me at "peppery."

Step 6: Mix the beans and rice with fresh salsa, parsley, a splash of EVOO, salt, pepper. Damn! I should have added some freshly squeezed lime juice! Ah, well.

Step 7: Pile it up on a plate and top with the chicken and a dollop of sour cream. For a meal I pulled out of my arse, this turned out to be pretty tasty. And fairly healthy to boot! And it took less than 30 minutes. You gots to love that now, right??

Anyhoodle, I better get busy. I have several things to accomplish this afternoon, and I am heading out for a fundraising concert tonight for a local charity I support, so I need to polish my halo. I keed! If the weather holds for the weekend, I have plans both days. If it rains, I am not sure what I will be doing. Check back later for deets! Love, Bun

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