Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bunny & The East Point Adventure

Yesterday evening, I had the opportunity to go somewhere new, meet someone new and do some new things. Bunny is always up for new experiences--well, the pleasant ones, anyway. And if you know me, you know I can chat up a tree, and then talk the bark off of it. In other words, I am social and find people interesting--well, the pleasant ones, anyway. I mean, everyone has a story, right? So, through a friend, I met this new friend:
Say hello to Samuel. S. lives in East Point, ATL and has three large figs trees in his back yard. Thus, the reason for Bunny's visit. The figs were ripe and they needed a home, so I decided to try my hand at being a fig picker (say THAT five times fast--fig picker, fig flicker, figger picker, pig ficker....). Anyhoodle, after fig picking, S. took me to a lovely local pizza joint for dinner where the pie was delish and the beer was cold (Sweetwater 420 on tap!).

This is Felix, one of S.'s two pups. Felix is like our Pepsi, reserved yet sweet. And he loved the Bunny. I, mean, why wouldn't he? Actually, I think my dad passed along the gene to me that makes all children and animals think you are 'da bomb. Call it Pied Piper Syndrome.

This is Oscar, S.'s other pup. Yes, Oscar and Felix. Yes, it is witty. Oscar is very high energy and lurves to play catch. Oscar also thought Bunny was 'da bomb. S. seemed unable to believe my ability to charm his canines. What can I say? My charms are beyond rational explanation.

After dinner, S. played the piano for me, an impromptu concert of hymns and Gilbert & Sullivan tunes. S. is talented musically, playing piano and bass (the large wooden stringed version, not the guitar version) and being able to carry a tune and all.

Bunny loves her music--and has ZERO musical talent--so anyone with musical aptitude is impressive in my book.

S. indulged me by playing one of my favorite hymns--Sweet, Sweet Spirit. I thought something was slightly off with the rendition. Then I found out he was playing from a Baptist hymnal. :)

S. has lovely hands. I find men's hands tremendously attractive. Especially if they are handy hands. In addition to his musical talents, S. also seems to be fairly handy around the house--he can hang sheetrock, put in cabinets and countertops and other such things. And he's a fairly good fig picker.

In all, it was a nice evening. But now I need to go research fig recipes since I do not have any experience with this fruit, but yet I have plenty of it now. What about Fig, Goat Cheese and Prosciutto Tart? Or Figs, Mozzarella and Honey? If you have any ideas, let me know. Later loves! B.


Sam Clapp said...

Oh, I play the bass guitar, too. See my videos on Facebook.

bunny said...

Nobody love a bragger, sweetie. :)

Sam said...

Love. Hah.

Bobs said...

Speak for yourself bunny :)'...haha j/k
he does have nice hands :)
now bring me some figs...Im salivating..LURVES fresh figs

bunny said...

Bobs, I will see you tomorrow with figs in hand! What if we have figs for lunch? MMMMM! :)

Elisabeth said...

yum, yum, yum...

There is a method of making jam with figs where you flavor it with jello to make whatever 'flavor' you want - turn figs into strawberry jam, that sort of thing. That tart you mentioned sounds divine!

So how did you find this dude? google, "anybody got free figs?"?

bunny said...

E., I found him through figporn.com. ;)

Bobs said...

WAIT...is this THE Sam?!?!?!?!
call me...details please

Sonya said...

Bobs, I think it must be THE SEXY SAM....the sexy Sam with the nice hands.....and figs. NIIIICE.

bunny said...

I have no comment. Except I expect you both as witnesses at the divorce proceedings.