Monday, August 17, 2009

Because I Love the Drink

Truth be told, Bunny loves her beverages. Yes, I am a big drinker. And I don't mean that in an alcohol sense only. No, I love to consume liquids. Many kinds. From iced tea to soda to beer to, well, just about anything liquidy. In fact, my only criteria for good service in an eating establishment is pretty much that the waiter keeps my glass filled. Woe and heartache if my glass is empty! Likewise, I don't understand people who can eat a whole meal and barely take a sip. So, when I saw this meem, I knew it was for me and brazenly stole it from blackbird at say la vee. Bottoms up!

My five favorite beverages:
unsweetened brewed iced tea
a lovely pinot noir
a nice amber/brown ale
iced coffee

My five least favorite beverages:
Dr. Pepper/Mr. Pibb
sweet, white wines
cheap beer (i.e. Budwiser/Bud Light)
flavored liquors
root beer

Beverages I can take or leave:
herbal tea
sodas, regular and diet
flavored water
mineral water

Beverages I miss:
cream soda

What I shun:
white zinfandel

Noticeably absent from this list:
mixed cocktails

Beverage preferences that baffle me:
Red Bull
Sodas with "boosters"
Crystal Light

Recent beverage disappointment:
I went out to eat last night and, because it was Sunday and I live in a backwards town, they couldn't serve me a beer, #*%(&%&($!


KP said...

coca cola
coca cola
coca cola

yum yum

KP said...

p.s. I don't get Crystal Light either.

Elisabeth said...

This comment is coming to you from NYC ...

Love this theme post & I don't get red bull or anything with energy boost - don't folks know that is just sugar?