Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wade Rouse <3's Bunny (or maybe that should be the other way around)

It's official, peeps. I have become a stalker. How's that, you say? Well, it's rare that I become enthused about a writer. But, as I have mentioned here in previous posts, I recently read America's Boy by Mr. Rouse and loved it totes. In short, the book chronicles his growing up in the rural Ozarks while coming to the realization that he is gay.

His brother's untimely death (I am not giving anything away--it's on the back of the book jacket!) leads Rouse on a decades long downward spiral, at the center of which is his belief that he has to hide his sexuality and now be the "normal" son. Eventually, he does "come out", but not without some heartache. Let's just say, the first 3/4 of the book had me in tears from laughing (the tales of his family are so hysterical and relatable!), the last 1/4 from tears of empathy.

Anyhoodle, I was so enamored by Mr. Rouse that I decided to send him an email and tell him how much I loved his book. And he replied! Yes! I know! Seriously! Can I tell you how much that impressed the hell out of me?? AND (yes, there is MORE!) I sent him the link to BGR, and he read it! And loved it (well, at least the cooking and cocktail parts)!

To top it all off, he called me "sweetie" (which certain Southern girls of a certain age like me love) and signed his note back as follows: xx, Wade

So, I am a full-fledged Wade stalker now (though I did assure him that I would be a good girl Southern Stalker, you know, tie you up and feed you crumble. And cocktails.). And I will for sure be purchasing his latest book, At Least in the City Someone Would Hear Me Scream: Misadventures in Search of the Simple Life. Which? Gasp. I just saw debuted on my birthday! That's a sign right there, now, isn't it??

PS, Mr. Wade is quite dishy, too! Look:

The best part is Wade is totally on board with me being his stalker--"And, sweetie, I LOVE a good stalker."-- so don't worry about the fuzz coming to pick me up or anything. xx, B.


a clever stalker name is beyond me at the moment...but would be cute here (just pretend) said...

Stalking can be quite the fun way to pass the day. Have been known to do a bit of it, he's a cutie! All the better to stalk you with, my dear.

Elisabeth said...

That's awesome that he wrote back! And while I've already achieved my non-fiction goal for the year, you may be inspiring me to read this one.

big sis said...

He's a hottie!
My word verification was "stick" HAHA

bunny said...

Clever Stalker, if I was honest, this isn't my first stalking. Just the first one in a long time.

E., you are welcome to borrow my copy of the book, however, Bobs has it right now, but he should be almost done.

bunny said...

Sis, I have nothing (that I can put in public print) to say about that.