Monday, July 13, 2009

Three Quick Things

Yo, dudes. I am overwhelmed. I have lots to do today, and have to get to gettin', but I didn't want to forsake you. So, here's a few quick tidbits to tide you over.

1) Last night, I made another, different bread salad for dinner. The recipe for this one can be found here and is by Rachel Ray, the alternative Martha. Instead of white kidney beans, it calls for salami. And no onions. I liked it better than the other, but then I have never met a cured meat I didn't like. The hubs thought it was a little salty (my bad--should have adjusted for the salami!). Anyway, it's a great way to use stale bread and fresh produce--all those cukes and the basil are from my garden.

2) Speaking of the garden, peeps, I am so sad. I am just not sure this year is the year for me. We had some bad storms last night and the rain pummeled my tomatoes. I had to do some emergency support and repair this morning. And they were already suffering--they are HUGE but no fruit OR small, crappy fruit which doesn't turn, you know, red. My cukes are ok, but I don't love the variety I planted, which is sad for me. Just sad overall--so much effort, time and money for it to go south. Sigh. But there still is SOME hope things will turn around, so I am trying to salvage what I can.

3) I am still enamoured with KK (yes, we still have the dogters, and they are still stinkin' cute too). She has changed her chair choice for napping, for now.

Seriously, isn't this the CUTEST photo EVER? So content and relaxed. How envious I am of her.

Well, gots to run, peeps--it's gonna be a long one today. Be good, and I'll be back soon! B.

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Elisabeth said...

ohhhh.... I didn't check my 'maters after last night... I hope they are ok. I have a couple that are the size of golf balls and then a bunch of lit-tler' ones (that's thanks to my current read - Ava's Man by Rick Bragg) ;)