Friday, July 10, 2009

Some of You Know Me Too Well

I received this belated birthday card in the mail today:

It was as big as an album (if you don't know what an album is, get off my blog. Now. And don't come back. You are obviously too young to be here). At first, I thought it was a "cheer me up" card relating to my employment woes. Then I opened it up.

Hellz yes! A-to-the-men! The best part? It play The Romantics' "What I Like About You" when opened (again, if you don't know this song, scram. Seriously. Be gone.). The VERY best part? It was sent to me by my friend who is a pastor. Who says the clergy ain't cool? (Though, to protect her identity, I did remove her name in Photoshop).

Happy Weekend, Peeps! I am off to fill up my water bottle! Love ya'! Bun

1 comment:

big sis said...

HAHA Love the card; REALLY love the song!!!