Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Ok, peeps. I love you all--and love many of you totes--but YOU. ARE. KILLING. ME. HERE. Please unclench. Seriously. Let's go back and read yesterday's post:

No one get excited--I am NOT pointing a specific finger--but people get caught up in their own day-to-day and you're left in your world of worry (and my worry world is GINORMOUS) alone. I don't blame people per se--though I think some fear "downsizing" is like swine flu and they may catch it--but somewhere between smothering and ignoring lies a little support. And while it is hard for me to ask, I realize some days, I could really use it.

See the bold red text? I meant that. That little paragraph was about no one but ME. I just wanted to express how I was feeling about things at that moment. If I "blame" anyone, it is myself because I internalize too much. I have a hard time asking for help. My good-girl Southerness tells me not to burden people. So please--by God, PLEASE--don't take it personally. OK?? This is all too serious for BGR. Now back to the regularly scheduled programming. And I do love you. Bunny bunches.


Elisabeth said...

Is there a funeral on somewhere?

bunny said...

Yes. Michael Jackson's.