Saturday, July 25, 2009

Petered Out

Peeps. I am petered out. The hubs and I worked in the yard almost 6 hours today, and the temps have been brutal. We gots lots done--weeded a bunch of stuff, grass cut, repotted some things, worked the veggie garden--but we finally called it a day and came into the cool.

In addition to the heat, I endured a sting, a fiercely bleeding cut and some thorny scratches. On the plus side, I lost 5 pounds in sweat and my farmer tan is back to its deep, dark savageness. I also harvested some more tomatoes, which are picking up the pace quite a bit, thank goodness.

In other news, I made yet another bread salad last night, but this time, I went sans recipe--culinary commando, if you may. Rather than mixing it all together, I decided to do something different.

First, I cubed the rosemary foccacia I purchased at the Farmer's Market. I tossed it with a little EVOO and single layered it on a cookie sheet.

Next, I toasted it until it was goldeny good. Can I just tell you how much I am in love with bread salads? So easy, no cooking, no heating up the kitchen (really, 5 minutes or less under the broiler is IT!). Perfect summer meal.

While the bread was toasting, I went out and harvested some basil, then cubed up some fresh mozzarella, sliced up some salami and sliced some roma tomatoes. I decided not to do cukes because of the soup (see below) but you could also add olives, red onion, roasted peppers, roasted eggplant, provolone instead of mozzarella....whatever your favorites are.

I layered the salad on a plate: bread, then tomatoes, then cheese, then salami, then basil. Topped it all with freshly ground black pepper, $10 salt and a dressing of EVOO and red wine vinegar. A deconstructed bread salad. The good thing about this option is we were able to keep the bread without it getting soggy and have a repeat today for lunch. I am not a big 'ol fan of soggy bread, so this way works for my texture buds.

And can I just tell you about the Cucumber Soup from the Farmer's Market? Mercy, it was slap-your-mama good! I have been searching on the Internet for a recipe that sounds similar to the ingredient's list. Lord knows I have enough freakin' cukes to make gallons! I am not a huge fan of cold soups, but this was refreshing. It has buttermilk in it rather than sour cream or yogurt, and some nice chunks of cuke for texture. In all, it was a perfect summer meal.

Well, I am off to rest for a while. The hubs had offered to take me out to dinner, but that would mean having to dress nicely and put on makeup so I am torn....but I have a feeling once I sit down to read, I won't feel much like getting up. That's what being old and working all day in the yard will do to you. Yo. Later, peeps! Bunch

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