Monday, July 06, 2009

Rambling On

Well. It's Monday. So, I am just going to start in no particular fashion. You know, jump in head first and then see where this post goes.
  • Saturday was great. Gots to hang out at my bro's community pool with the kiddos. I left before the food and fireworks though so I could hang with the hubs. It's a 10-day work stretch for him with just yesterday off and we have not seen much of each other recently. I am a good wifey sometimes. Yo.
  • Yesterday evening, the hubs and I watched The International with Clive Owen. While the movie was slow and about 30 minutes too long, I did come to the conclusion that, yes, why yes, Clive is one sexy mo-fo. And the more 5 o' clock shadow he has/the rougher he looks, the more lick-able he is. Fo' shizzle. Plus, there's the accent. And the mix of dark hair/blue eyes. I, mean, come on. Take a look. Be warned--it might make you tingly.
Make mine a double of Clive.
  • It finally rained last night. A nice soaking rain which meant B. did not have to get up this morning and water the garden. I reckon that, in itself, was enough to start the day off right.
  • I admit that I am WAY more superstitious-y than I should be. That said, I will not reveal anything but to say that it's only been half a day, but this week on the job search front is looking up. But the suck-fest otherwise known as Wednesday is still to come.
  • I also admit the job search has had me more than a little depressed of late. Some days/weeks are better than other days/weeks, and the last couple of weeks have been sorta shitty indeed. No one get excited--I am NOT pointing a specific finger--but people get caught up in their own day-to-day and you're left in your world of worry (and my worry world is GINORMOUS) alone. I don't blame people per se--though I think some fear "downsizing" is like swine flu and they may catch it--but somewhere between smothering and ignoring lies a little support. And while it is hard for me to ask, I realize some days, I could really use it.
  • I was told today that I was an exceptional editor--that made me feel fabulous.
  • I am wondering if I am somehow, in all this mess, missing a bigger picture. Am I supposed to be using this time for a purpose? Should I be pursuing a life dream? I sometimes wonder if I have a book in me, but some days, I can barely manage this blog. Other days, I just want to buy land for a goat and vegetable farm, start making my own cheese and set-up a local produce co-op, but the thought makes me so tired, I just take a nap instead.
  • I looked on my analytics today and I now have 33 UNIQUE VISITORS to BGR. You are all unique to me. Damn skippy. Thanks for stopping by. Love, B.


Sonya said...

I know that I'm not on the smotherer end of the spectrum, but I hope that I'm not an ignorer, either...if ignorer is a word. Glad today isn't totally sucking on the job search front. The right one IS going to come along. It really is. I'm a believer.

bunny said...

Thanks, S. I really wasn't fishing for support. It is weird to talk about because I don't want people to think I am clingy, but I do want them to know I am not always up to par and sometimes I need some love. Thanks for the love.

Elisabeth said...

OK - I'll take the hint at being ignorerer... sorry. And you are an exceptional editor. And I do love you even when I don't say it. You're one of the ones I love the most, in fact.

On a less serious note - have you tried the strawberry beer yet? I need to know if it is worth my going to get more...

bunny said...

No hints, E. And I know you love me. More on beer later.

Janice said...

I am the smotherer. But I can do that because I am the mother. As soon as I hear your voice I know if everything is ok. I tried to back off but it is so hard when I know you are hurting. Just want to make it better or fix it. All I do is just love you.