Monday, July 20, 2009

'Maters on Monday

Blah. That's sorta the way I feel today. Dispirited. I had such a good weekend, so maybe reliving part of it here will help snap me back a little. For example, yesterday, the hubs and I went with another couple to a local heirloom tomato festival. It was an inexpensive adventure, the weather was pretty and we had nothing else planned, so it was all good.

The festival was held at Glen Ella Springs in Habersham County, Ga. The Inn looks much like it did in 1875 when it was built, first to be a homestead and later an inn. Glen Ella is located in the middle of the woods, out a long dirt/gravel road, in a lovely clearing.

The hubs in front of an old barn. I love old barns.

And old tractors. Anything rusty/worn, I am all there.

The best thing about the festival was the long tasting table of about 40 varieties of heirlooms tomatoes. They were all labeled and a full-size version of the tomato was present, and the Inn provided pencils and paper to write down your favorites. I saw and tasted many tomatoes I had never heard of in all shapes, sizes and colors. I made notes for next year's veggie garden.

And the food. Mercy. The food.

Fresh tomato sandwiches on soft bread. The hubs got the BLT, me the plain tomato and we split each so we could taste both. Ah. Heaven. For our sandwiches, we stepped out from traditional mayo and chose a wonderful basil aioli spread that really accented the tomato.

Other treats: Fresh homemade salsa (served with homemade chips; it really tasted more like a tomato relish than a salsa--not a lot of heat/spice), the divine tomato tartlets and glistening fried green tomatoes with remoulade sauce.

The tomato tartlets were exceptional--def our fave and we went back for seconds. In fact, they sold out of the tartlets in the first two hours of the festival. Brimming with cheese, mayo and fresh herbs, they were a delicacy to be savored. And the fresh lemonade, which I did not photograph, was wonderful--just the right balance of sweet and tart.

Local artists playing bluegrass music--the perfect melodious backdrop for a country 'mater festival.

The ground/gardens at Glen Ella are exceptionally lovely and well-planned. I took a ton of photos, but will only share a few. Here, a lovely path leading to a "gazebo" of bare branches.

A beautiful arbor surrounded by lovely plantings and draped in climbing roses. I know I am using the word "lovely" quite a lot, but it was all very quaint, charming and...just lovely.

Another old building with a tin roof and old tools mounted to the front.

The hubs at the wishing well. We didn't throw in a penny, but we did make a wish. I hope that wasn't bad luck.

Tree people. I think these may be indigenous to the South, but tree people are wonderful folky creations. I think this one was my favorite--he looks a little goofy. Check out the bowtie.

I liked the lips on this one. She's a looker, alright. Smooches!

Our "fans" (self air-conditioning, though we didn't need them because the weather was perfect--sunny and 80ish) and cheese biscuits, which we purchased and were made by the pastry chef for the Inn's gourmet-level restaurant. I served these up last night with a big salad and they were YUM.MEE. Like giant cheese wafers/straws with a little kick of heat.

Well, I've gots to run. Lots to accomplish today and I will have to try extra hard to motivate myself. Hope you all have a wonderful week until we meet back here again. XO, Bun.


Elisabeth said...

ahhh... to be back there & not here. Were you able to download my pics? Just wondering... I sent my family our vacation pictures the same way & never heard a peep from them, but then they are sort like that. But, I did want to make sure it worked.

bunny said...

I think I dreamed about those tartlets last night....mmmm. I did get the photos--thanks for sending!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
This looks like an event I might need to check out next year. We have family in Decatur.
Mmmmm. Tomato Sandwiches.

bunny said...

You are so welcome! I saw you on Badger's site, btw. I am adding you to my blogs I'm following--I like your style! Note on Tomato Festival: Not really anything for kids to do (I saw your kiddo mention on your blog).