Saturday, July 04, 2009

Independence Day Bullets

Well, peeps, I thought Independence Day might be best served with bullets, a list that is. Since, you know, people fought wars and stuff which is why we celebrate this holiday. Personally, warm weather holidays leave me cold (ha! so witty!), mostly because they take place in the summer months. And I don't really like summer all so much. And I feel like I HAVE to do something FUN because it is a holiday. Sigh. So instead of loving the day, I will provide a list of things I do love right now:
  • My new Caphalon skillet: Well, dudes, it's official. I have forsaken my IKEA skillet for the Caphalon skillet. Which is SPECTACULAR. I loves it totes. It cleans much easier than the IKEA skillet and, so far, has cooked everything wonderfully. I used it, like, four times this week already. And am planning on using it tonight. Here it is cooking up my veggies for quesadillas the other night:

  • K.K. Sleeping: Ok, I am STILL in love with this one, but I swear, seeing her sleep under the deck chair just sorta slays me. Makes me have an ooshy-gooshy feeling. Look at this one--that is her back paw and tail up under her front paw.

  • My local Symphony: A friend scored some free tickets to the local Symphony's Patriotic Pops concert last night, and, y'all, it was GOOD. I live in a small-ish town, so I was skeptical at best, but they did a wonderful program and it was outside, the weather was perfect and we dined al fresco, sitting on the lush grass. Lovely.

  • These Raspberry Bars: I provided pasta salad and cocktails last night, and my friend provided an appetizer (a yummy roasted shrimp cocktail with SUPER-DELISH homemade cocktail sauce, recipe courtesy of the Barefoot Contessa) and these bars. O. M. G. These are one of the best things I have put in my mouth in a while. Seriously. Friend gots the recipe from Pioneer Woman (click on link above to go straight the recipe), who you have read me wax on about here, but Friend decided to change it up from the apricot of the original recipe and make raspberry. Which I give two big thumbs up. BIG THUMBS UP. Can you say YUM. MEE.??

  • Fool in the Rain by Led Zeppelin: Yeah. I know. Where did THAT come from? Well, Bunny is not a big LZ fan, but I like this song and have heard it quite a few times recently so I decided to download it. It seems sorta summery. It has a hippy-dippy feel. And the lyrics are sorta cool.
  • My vegetable garden: Ok, I am a garden geek. I cannot help it, but working in my garden brings me peace. I also like to think I am carrying on tradition. My grandmother had a big 'ol garden, my mom had a big 'ol garden, now me. Well, mine is not big 'ol, but I love the idea of raising your own food. And the work of caring for something that you grew. Though I am STILL waiting for some tomatoes, all the plants are OUT. OF. CONTROL. growing. Next year, I am thinking of stepping up my game. I'm thinking raised beds and soaker hoses. Stay tuned.
  • Preppy clothes: Last night, I wore knee-length madras plaid shorts and an Izod polo. Took me right back to my teen years of the 80's when preppy was king. Now, I think it's just sorta classic. But I needed me some boat shoes or camp mocs. L.L. Bean, here I come.
  • The weather: The past couple of days have been just BEAUTIFUL. 85, sunny and breezy. I might actually LIKE summer if it was always this way everyday.
So, I am off--time to get ready to go spend some holiday time with the fams, and later home to spend some quality time with the hubs. Hope you all have a great 4th! Bun

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